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The Accademia & David, Florence

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Second on the 'Florence boxes to tick' list, after the Uffizi, is Michelangelo's David, housed in the Galleria dell'Accademia. There is a copy standing in Piazza della Signoria, but the boy himself is a walk away, and attracts visitors at the same sort of level as the Uffizi does.

Included with your tickets is an e-book guide to both the Accademia and David, written by two prominent Italian Art Historians and available to download as epub (for iPad and iPhone, Android, and many ebook readers), mobi (for Kindle) and PDF for pretty much everything else.

Important security information:
- Only water bottles of 50cl or smaller may be taken into the Museum.
- You may not drink inside the galleries and exhibitions of the Museum.
- The operators of the metal detector are required to prevent visitors from entering with all sorts of drinks whether in bottle or aluminium.
- Group leaders and guides will not be allowed to re-enter the Museum without going through the metal detector.

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5 stars
CK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3rd Sep 2018
Great visit especially as we didn't have to queue as it was huge! David was particularly spectacular.
5 stars
KB, United States
29th Aug 2018
I have been there about 8 times and never get tired of seeing the Statue of David. I was taking a friend that had never seen him in person. Incredible, Amazing, are only a few words to describe seeing it in person.
5 stars
Dmitry, Russian Federation
23rd Aug 2018
Great place in a wonderful Florence. Good service and outstanding impressions :). Do recommend.
5 stars
TP, United States
11th Aug 2018
Everything was wonderful! Thank you!
5 stars
JP, United States
16th Jul 2018
Perfect! Didn’t know to collect at 51.
5 stars
DR, United States
12th Jul 2018
You saved me so much time. I entered so easily and was shocked as I walked past the line for others who didn't use your service. The only thing I could beg for your company to do is allow the customer to get the ticket on their smartphone. Visiting from America, I found it very difficult to get my confirmation ticket printed. The hotel wasn't really set up to print so it took quite a few hours(I know, I stayed at maybe a cheap place).
[Tickitaly responds: We absolutely agree but sadly some attractions are still not able to accept vouchers/tickets on mobile devices. It's frustrating but we are working on it!]
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