About ticket types

About ticket types - full priced, reduced ....

The management of historic attractions across Italy is far from centralised, with each region and, indeed, city, having their own administrative bodies and systems. The direct result of this is that we simply cannot offer a one-size-fits-all policy for reductions as the rules change significantly from one place to the next.

For many of the attractions featured on the tickitaly.com site we offer reduced price tickets for EU (European Union) citizens, though note that the definition of 'EU' is something that may change according to venue - many places in Rome, for example, will offer EU reductions to citizens of countries that are not full EU members!
We would ask you to carefully check the requirements as shown on individual product pages to be sure that you, or members of your group, genuinely qualify for any reductions; it's not uncommon for any mistakes to require a new (correct) purchase on the day of the visit.

When reduced-price tickets are on offer, they are not 'special offer' tickets, and are emphatically not available to non-EU citizens, be they students, children or older/retired visitors. There is typically only one type of ticket available to non EU citizens - the one marked as 'full price', though some cities have now begun to offer reduced tickets for younger people, irrespective of nationality - again, you'll need to check on individual products to see what is available.

You'll see references to two types of EU subsidised tickets - 'EU reduced' and 'EU complimentary', defined as follows:

'EU reduced' tickets are typically (again, this varies from place to place) available to European Union citizens between the ages of 18 and 25, with 'EU complimentary' tickets typically being available to European Union citizens between the ages of 6 and 18. For both these types of tickets we are obliged to charge service fees - this is a requirement of our being licensed advance reservation agents for ticket booking for Italian state museums.

Lastly, the age under which children have 'free' admission is also something that changes from place to place. Please note also that authorities will sometimes need to know in advance if there are 'free' children in your group and, if yes, what their names are.

We really do wish it was simpler than this but please, do check the requirements for each venue you plan to visit before confirming an order. It may be possible to modify an order for tickets booked in error, but here too we are sometimes charged by authorities to make changes to an existing order, a cost we would need to pass on.