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We offer an ever-increasing range of Venice guided tours. For now we offer a range of tours and trips along the unique byways, canals and waterways of Venice, by gondola or some other form of boat.

Venice highlights tour, with gondola ride

If your time in Venice is limited and you want to squeeze in as much as possible, this tour of the must-see attractions with a gondola ride at the end is the perfect solution. The 2.5 hour tour will take you to St Mark’s Square and St Mark’s Basilica, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal, and the Rialto neighbourhood. The 30 minute gondola ride will give you an unforgettable view of Venice from the water.

Venice boat & walking tour, small group

Lasting around three hours, this guided small-group (never more than 10 people) tour of the splendours of Venice includes a skip-the-lines tour of St Mark’s Basilica, a tour of St Mark’s Square, an exploration of the fascinating Rialto district of Venice, and finishes with an hour-long boat trip around the canals - including the Grand Canal - of Venice.

However much time you’re lucky enough to spend in Venice, it’s a simple fact that you’ll not have done the city justice if you don’t take to the water and explore the essential network of canals that are the true arteries of this adjective-exhausting city. This tour runs on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and heads off at 2.00 PM.

Your tour group will never be more than ten people so this is an intimate and personal discovery of Venice that begins with a visit the the ‘Golden Church’, St Mark’s Basilica. There’s no need to queue as your group has privileged access and, once inside, your local guide will give an introduction before escorting you to an area not easily reached by standard visitors, an area above the main church that is home to the famous ‘Horses of St Mark’ - the ‘Triumphal Quadriga’ - a set of Roman Bronzes that are the originals of the replicas sitting above the Loggia of the Basilica.
Next it’s up to the hardly-ever-visited roof terrace for some of the most unique views of Venice imaginable!

Upon leaving the church your guide will explain the history of the the Piazza di San Marco and the iconic buildings that line it before heading into the Rialto district of the city to gain an insight into the daily life of Venice and the Venetians as you explore the city’s labyrinthine network of narrow streets.

You’ll next board your group’s private boat and begin to explore the timeless world of Venice’s canals, gliding through centuries of history and beginning to feel you’re getting to discover the real Venice, a city of islands and enclaves, canals and byways, a city where boats are part of daily life, essential and ever-present. And then ... the Grand Canal, jaw-droppingly, camera-meltingly amazing, palace after palace, still-life frame after still-life frame - you’ll even pass by one of the last Gondola workshops in Venice!

This will be a true day of discovery with a local guide, one committed to sharing the wonders of Venice, to bringing the city to life, to giving you unique memories to treasure.

Venice food tour with gondola trip, 2.5 hours

Get off the beaten track and set off on a foodie exploration of Venice. Your friendly and knowledgeable guide will take you to some favourite bacari (wine bars) and introduce you to Venetian cicchetti, give you a chance to sample the best regional wine and food while immersing yourself in Venetian culture, and there’s a short gondola trip across the Grand Canal too!

Venice Grand Canal small boat tour - 1 Hour

Venice's Grand Canal - you may never have seen it, but you know what it looks like. A cinematic backdrop too alluring to resist, the roll-call runs from Don't Look Now through to The Talented Mr. Ripley, stopping off at James Bond, Indiana Jones and The Italian Job along the way. With our unique boat tour you can gaze in wonder at the 170 or so splendid buildings, palaces and churches that line this most incredible of High Streets.

Your tour guide will evoke the glory days of Byron, Shelley and Browning and point out the palaces of the rich and famous; you'll be told why there are so many eastern and Moorish influences, why so many juxtaposed styles of architecture. You'll also be taken off the beaten track to explore some of the more hidden and secretive canals of Venice, to be given some views of Venice life that simply cannot be enjoyed other than by boat, and you'll be left with a beguiling impression of this most evocative city. Truly, you haven't seen Venice if you haven't been guided around by boat.

The tours run in high season, and your private water taxi will have no more than 8 to 10 people aboard. The tour lasts about an hour and typically runs each day of the week at 03.30 PM.

Venice gondola tour

Experience the true essence of Venice courtesy of a trip along the canals in a gondola.

A trip by gondola along the canals of Venice, lasting roughly 30 minutes. The excursions run seven days a week during the summer at 9.40 AM and 4.00 PM (only at 11.00 AM on Sundays) and seven days a week at other times, 11.00 AM and 3.00 PM departures.

Gondolas in Venice are covered by strict insurance regulations meaning that any child over the age of six months must be seated (children under six months may be carried). Unfortunately this means that children over the age of six months must be paid for at full adult rates.

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Spectacular Private Gondola Grand Canal Cruise - 1 Hour (1 to 5 people)

Have the history and magic of Venice explained as part of this hour-long private guided tour of the canals of Venice.

A guided tour by gondola along the canals of Venice, lasting one hour. This private gondola tour is available for most of the year, and typically heads off at 2:00 PM, seven days a week in low season, and at 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM at other times.
To stress again that this is a private trip, just you and your group, and that the price is fixed whether there are one, two, three, four or five people in your party.

Gondolas in Venice are covered by strict insurance regulations meaning that any child over the age of six months must be seated (children under six months may be carried). Unfortunately this means that children over the age of six months must be paid for at full adult rates.

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5 stars
TH, United States
20th Jun 2018
It was beyond our expectations. We had only 2 others with us and was one highlight of the trip. The location was central & easy to find.
5 stars
LV, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Oct 2017
Just beautiful
5 stars
JM, Australia
30th Apr 2017
We really LOVED tickitaly tours/ site entries. We also use this site to book train tickets throughout Italy! Thankyou for a brilliant service!
5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
20th Apr 2017
Guide easy to find and organised. Quality tour. Recommended. Great tour as only small number in the boat.
5 stars
CS, Australia
12th Mar 2017
The real highlight of our stay in Venice a very rewarding experience.
5 stars
RB, Canada
28th Jul 2015
Our visit was excellent, and how to get there was very well explained.