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Bus tours of Rome - guided coach trips

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Guided bus tours, Rome, Italy

The Line A open top sightseeing bus tour of Rome lasts 100 minutes. You have the opportunity to see all the main points of interest, including the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican, and as the tours operate on a 'hop-on, hop-off' basis you may leave and subsequently rejoin the buses whenever and as often you like at the 8 stops on the route, giving you a chance to tick all your must-see boxes in this incredible city!

There is an accompanying audio tour available in 8 different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese). If you decide to hop off you can download the ROME WALKING TOUR onboard, and listen to it when you want without the necessity of an Internet connection.

You can download a detailed route-map (PDF) here.

Policy on the admission of pets:

Small/medium domestic animals will be permitted on the bus only on the understanding that they are inoffensive and do not pose a risk to the bus or passengers' security. If the driver at any point decides that the animal poses a risk to passengers or the bus, they can insist that the animal is denied access to, or is removed from the bus, at any point and at their incontestable discretion and with NO right of refund.

The animal must be kept on a leash and muzzle at all times. Animals that cannot for whatever reason use a muzzle must be kept in a pet carrier. The pet carrier must be in good condition, clean, must not contain food, and must not pose a risk to other people on the bus.

Line A timings and stops

The 'Line A' tour starts and ends at the bus terminal on Via Marsala (close to the main 'Termini' railway station) – with buses running every 15 or 20 minutes depending on season. The first departure is 09.00 in the morning, the last at 17.00 in the evening (November to March) and 19.00 (April – June). Please be aware that times are subject to change depending on traffic conditions and local events.

The 8 stops are as follows:
01: Via Marsala (bus terminal).
02: the Santa Maria Maggiore.
03: the Colosseum.
04: the Circo Massimo.
05: Piazza Venezia (Roman Forum, Campidoglio and Capitoline Museums).
06: St Peters (Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums).
07: Fontana di Trevi.
07B: Piazza di Spagna (only on Sundays and holidays and Saturday after 15.00).
08: Piazza Barberini

Please note that the total price displayed above includes our service charge of Euro 3.50.

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5 stars
CS, Australia
12th Mar 2017
Great way to see Rome.
5 stars
EE, United States
29th Oct 2015
My traveling companion especially enjoyed the bus tour.
5 stars
BW, United States
28th Aug 2015
This tour was really wonderful. We bypassed the terrible lines and went right in to meet our bus tour. Then went right in the museum after bus tour. Great experience.
5 stars
JR, United States
20th Mar 2015
Very nice.
5 stars
ID, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Feb 2015
The hop on buses were ideal to allow us to move around the sites and easy to find and use.
5 stars
AV, Netherlands
15th Oct 2014
Nice spots to visit. Easy access to the Roman highlights. No information on the earphones.