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The Borghese Gallery, Rome, requires advance booking.
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“Your site is simple and straightforward. This was my third time at the Borghese Gallery and it remains one of the most magnificent collections I have ever seen.”.
PE, Norway.

“Excellent visit. Amazing sculpture and paintings” HH, UK
“Is any one better than Bernini? Don't think so!! A wonderful visit and a terrific lunch at a nearby restaurant. When we left the Gallery it was super crowded so we were glad we had tickets in advance. Thanks to tickitaly for all your help!”

JD, United States

"One of the most beautiful museums in Italy, if not the world ..."

Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese was especially a collector of antique sculpture, but was also a patron of contemporary artists and commissioned work from, amongst others, Caravaggio, Bernini, Domenichino and Rubens.

It was to house these works of art and to have a venue for his summer parties and musical evenings that work began in the early 1600's on the Galleria Borghese - no corners were cut in the construction, and the palace is a celebration of the splendours of the ancient Roman Empire.

The building was sold to the Italian government in 1902, along with the entire Borghese estate and surrounding gardens and parkland.

Included with your tickets is an e-book guide to the Borghese Gallery, written by two prominent Italian Art Historians and available to download as epub (for iPad and iPhone, Android, and many ebook readers), mobi (for Kindle) and PDF for pretty much everything else.

The buttons below will give greater detail on the tickets and tours we offer throughout the year, and do use our calendar above to check availability!

Often cited by visitors as being the favourite of all galleries visited, we have some history and images on this page, and you can view a location map here below.

Opening times:

The Borghese Gallery is closed every Monday and is open from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM; you have five two-hour time slots to choose for your visit (you must leave the gallery at the end of your two hour period).

Reservation is mandatory, without exception. Numbers of visitors are restricted to 360 people every two hours, and to ensure a regular and steady flow it is essential to have a well-controlled advance booking system. And that's where tickitaly can help - let us know your date and time preferences and we'll arrange for your tickets to be waiting at the gallery - it is a REQUIREMENT that you pick up your tickets at least thirty minutes prior to entry.

During the order process you can specify that you're flexible on timing - we strongly advise you do this in order to maximise your chances of getting in on the day you want!


Prices include booking fees and service charges, and also cover entrance to any special exhibitions that may be showing during your visit. There is no charge whatsoever for children under two years of age (they do not need to reserve). Anyone under the age of 18 does not need to pay the entry price; there is still, however, a charge to cover booking fees, service charges and entry to special exhibits. We are only able to make bookings of this sort if they are part of a paying group. Furthermore, EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 qualify for reduced price tickets.

How you'll get your tickets:

To reserve tickets for the Borghese Gallery, just fill out the booking form, give us your preference for date and time (dates are in European DD/MM/YYYY format), supply us with credit card details, and we'll do the rest. There will be no charge whatsoever until we confirm your reservation. We'll then point you to our secure page, where you can print out/download your entry voucher. Print it out or save on your mobile device, take it with you to the gallery and present it at the ticket desk ... they will swap it for your entry ticket, which will be waiting for you. As simple as that!

Disabled access:

The exhibits are spread across the upper 2 floors, with the shop, services and cafe in the (semi) below-ground level. Disabled visitors may colelct their tickets via a side door (the right hand side, when facing the facade of the gallery). Entrance will then be at the rear of the building, in Piazzale Scipione Borghese, number 5 - there is then a lift to the second floor. Large wheelchairs may not fit into the lift, but the gallery provides wheelchairs on all 3 floors should this be an issue.

Please note - you must present yourself at the galleries at the time specified on your booking voucher - admittance will not be granted at other times. Please also be prepared to show some ID - It is sometimes difficult for Italian officials to understand that not all countries require their citizens to carry ID cards, if indeed they are issued in said countries at all. You will often find that nothing other than a Passport or Driving Licence (with photograph) will suffice.

We have a page here that covers some of the history of the gallery, together with a selection of images.

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5 stars
SF, Australia
2nd May 2019
Excellent guide. Time allowed was sufficient
5 stars
MP, United States
28th Apr 2019
I’ll be back. Amazing experience. A true gem in Rome
5 stars
KS, Bulgaria
11th Apr 2019
The gallery was totally worth the money, amazing experience, wonderful art collection. Unfortunately a little hard to understand where to leave your bag, because the staff, especially the ladies at the entrance, do not speak much English. Umbrellas are not allowed in, but there is a place where you can leave your things and get a number, so you can collect them later
5 stars
MF, United States
9th Apr 2019
Our visit was excellent and the ebook was a great help.
5 stars
GF, United States
4th Mar 2019
We were at the gallery at 11 am and had to wait 10 min before the start of the tour. The tour guide was a very pleasant and knowledgeable lady who showed us the most famous works of art (statues by Bernini, paintings by Caravaggio, etc.) and explained the history of the gallery. At the end of the tour we had about 15 min to wonder around the gallery on our own, and it was OK as we had visited all the rooms with the tour. Thanks for the wonderful experience!
5 stars
JA, United States
26th Feb 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Borghese Galleria in Rome. The price of these advance tickets from Tickitaly,com was far less than most other ticket outlets.