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Florence - guided trips in the city of Florence, Italy

tickitaly.com are able to organise a range of guided tours around the city of Florence. Further down the page you'll find a selection of custom tours that can be arranged for private groups, but we also offer some fixed-price, pre-arranged tours that are extremely popular. These both start off with a brief coach-tour, but afterwards you'll be on foot. The first of these is the three hour long 'Morning tour of Florence' that includes a trip up to Piazzale Michelangelo for some splendid views across the city, followed by a guided tour of the heart of Florence, the cathedral area, and then on to a no-need-to-queue accompanied visit for a tour of Michelangelo's David at the Accademia Gallery. We also offer a variant of this same morning tour that is followed up by a lunch in a traditional local restaurant - click here for information on this Florence tour with lunch included.

Next comes the three and a half hour 'Afternoon tour of Florence' which starts with a trip up to the Etruscan hilltop town of Fiesole, followed by a tour around the areas of Santa Croce and the Palazzo Vecchio, and finishes with a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery. The tour finishes in the gallery itself, but you're free to carry on exploring afterwards.

Should both the morning and afternoon tours sound tempting, then simple - buy a combined Florence tour ticket and enjoy them both, at a reduced cost.

Below you'll find details on private tours that we can arrange under the tutelage of Emanuela Gavilli. Emanuela graduated in Art History, studying in Florence, and is a specialist who frequently collaborates with overseas Universities and Art Foundations, as well as with Italian galleries and associations. She is a fully qualified tour guide (fluent in both French and English, with a good knowledge of German), officially recognised by the Region of Tuscany, and has a long list of qualifications acquired both nationally and internationally.

Below are some proposed itineraries for these exceptionally well-informed tours of Florence. Please click here to send an email to info@tickitaly.com should you require further details on any of these unmissable tours. Alternatively, fill out our contact form

Michelangelo tour:

The early activity of the genius Michelangelo. Visit the places where Michelangelo spent the first half of his life in Florence: Buonarroti’s House, the museum established by the nephew of the artist to celebrate the name of his famous uncle; the Bargello, the former Court House of Florence transformed into a charming sculpture museum; the New Sacristy in the Church of San Lorenzo Church with the statues for the Medici’s tombs Dusk and Dawn, Day and Night, a splendid example of the 'non finito' (unfinished works); the Academy Gallery and the David; the Santa Croce Church and his funeral monument.

Length: 4 hours.
Difficulty: This is quite a tiring tour, and will require a good level of fitness in order to see everything within the time allotted.

The religious heart of Florence tour:

A visit to the three main churches of the city that were seen as symbols of Faith and Wealth, starting from the Franciscan Basilica of the Holy Cross, and its famous funeral monuments, the family chapels, the medieval fresco paintings, and Cimabue’s crucifixion restored after the flood of 1966; then the Duomo with its famous dome, one of the largest Catholic churches in the world, the symbol of the city; and finally the Dominican Basilica of Santa Maria Novella and its works of art, the Holy Trinity by Masaccio, the Crucifixion by Giotto, the fresco paintings of the choir by Ghirlandaio.
Length: 3 hours walking tour
Difficulty: Medium level, average fitness required.

The hidden treasures of Florence tour:

'The family chapels, the splendour of merchants in private and public spaces in Florence in the 1400’s'

A visit to three private chapels commissioned by merchants of Florence in the 15th century, representing wealth and taste, but also an opportunity for young artists to be seen and appreciated. The Brancacci Chapel by Masolino, Masaccio and Filippino Lippi in Santa Maria del Carmine, the Sassetti Chapel by Ghirlandaio in Santa Trinita, the Medici Chapel by Benozzo Gozzoli in Palazzo Medici.
Length: 3 hours walking tour
Difficulty: This is quite a tiring tour, and will require a good level of fitness in order to see everything within the time allotted. It is possible to substitute venues in this tour, equally, they may be added to increase the scope and duration: Santa Maria Novella and the Cappella Tornabuoni.

Florence, Religion and Politics tour:

'The construction of the public image of power'. Visits to the Cathedral and Baptistery, medieval religious symbols of the Church's power, followed by a visit to the City Hall - Palazzo Vecchio - and Piazza Signoria, the political allegories over the centuries.
Length: 3 hours walking tour
Difficulty: Not taxing, average fitness.

Technique, Art and Science in Florence in the 1600’s:

A tour visiting: The Opificio delle Pietre Dure (semi-precious stones), a unique museum, the result of the ability and imagination of artisans and artists, founded by Ferdinando I in the 17th century, and famous all over the world for the invention of a new technique - the commesso; the Science Museum and Galileo’s telescope; Galileo’s funeral monument in Santa Croce Church.
Length: 3 hours walking tour
Difficulty: Not taxing, average fitness.

Florence tour: The Grand Duke's residence:

'Life and amusement in the Royal Palace'

Visits to the Galleria Palatina and the Royal Apartments, a comparison between three different dynasties , the Medici, the Lorena, and the Savoia, and their style of life; a walk in the Boboli Gardens, the first Italian style garden, designed by Tribolo in the 1500's.
Length: 3 hours walking tour
Difficulty: Not taxing, average fitness.

Once again, please click here to send an email to info@tickitaly.com (or use our contact form) should you require further details on any of these unmissable tours.

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