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Below we attempt to answer some of the more common questions we're asked. Please note that we have a dedicated Vatican ticket FAQ as we receive far and away more questions regarding the Vatican than anything else.

Am I able to pay with PayPal, bank transfer or something other than a credit/debit/charge card?

No. We use industry leader Stripe for all card transactions - if you're having trouble checking out then please get in touch and we'll try to take payment over the telephone.

Do I really need to print out your voucher? Can't I simply show up on the day and quote some sort of reference or order number?

For many of our tickets and tours you must log in and print out your voucher(s) and show up with them on the day of your visit. An email or reference number will not be enough. Our vouchers are the only 'proof of purchase' that will be acceptable here in Italy. We wish it weren't this way, but many destinations just are not setup for e-vouchers.

In some cases (only where clearly specified on your voucher) an electronic copy of your voucher on your phone or mobile device will be acceptable. We would still strongly recommend that you print the voucher, since we cannot take any responsibility if you fail to produce it due to phone, technical or network problems.

Do you charge me straight away?

No. Only when we have confirmed availability will your card be charged. There is no charge made at the time of order, we simply authorise the amount with Stripe, our payment processor. There's a bit more detail on this on our 'how it works' page.

So, I'm not actually placing an order, more of a request, is that correct?

Any tickets or tours that are marked like this will typically be confirmed within minutes during our office hours:

Rapid confirmation.

If you've ordered 'Rapid confirmation' tickets then we typically process such orders in under 10 minutes during our office hours. For other products, ones that require local confirmation, we'll let you know as soon as we can whether there's availability for the requested date, typically on the same day. Please see our 'how it works' page for more on this, and we have a page here covering typical costs and the advantages of using us for your bookings.

What is your cancellation policy?

If we have confirmed your order request then from that moment on no refund will be possible. This stance is forced on us by the various local, regional and national authorities - as they offer no refunds once we have placed an order, we in turn cannot offer you a refund.
Our full terms and conditions may be seen on this page.

Is it possible to change a date or time on a confirmed order?

By and large, no, it is not, for the same reason (above) that refunds are not possible. We can make a request, and sometimes it will be successful, but not always. We will need to charge an administrative fee for any such changes.

Can't I just buy some sort of 'open' ticket and show up when I choose?

No. For the most popular attractions here in Italy it is not uncommon for there to be little or no availability for entire days, even weeks (this is why we urge you to book as far in advance as possible). Because of this, your voucher needs to be for a specific date and time, and it will only be valid then.

Flexible on timing

Given limited availability for many venues and timeslots, we sometimes ask you to indicate if you are flexible about your visit time. This will normally include agreeing to an hour before/after your requested time, agreeing to any time on the same day, or indicating that you will only accept a booking at your requested time. The more flexible you can be, the greater your chance of securing tickets in the case of limited availability.
Please note that once we have confirmed a time (which we will specify on completion of your order) it is no longer flexible - your ticket will only be valid for that specific time slot.

I forgot to print/can't find my voucher. What can I do?

The login link to print out your voucher is active right up to the day of your intended visit. If you can't access your confirmation email, please contact us and we will resend the email. We can send to any email address you request, so even if you're already here in Italy you can access webmail (from an Internet Cafe or from your hotel) and print out the voucher. Other possibilities would be to email the voucher direct to your hotel.

May I book on behalf of someone else?

Yes. The credit card used to make the booking need not be in the name of the person making the visit.

May I just email you and enquire about availability?

Please don't do this. All requests must be made through the appropriate booking form(s); the forms will allow you to specify how flexible or otherwise you are as regards dates and times, and there is a section where you can add any questions or special requests you may have.

Can I just provide a Credit Card number as security and then pay when I pick up the tickets at the venue?

No. We will charge your card at the time of confirming your order, at which time you'll be able print out or download your vouchers. This voucher is your 'paid in full' proof, and will be exchanged for the actual tickets at the venue.

So, I arrive with my voucher. Do I still need to queue?

All venues have a dedicated entrance/desk for those who have pre-booked. Present your voucher there, pick up your tickets, and proceed to enter the venue. The large queues will be for those who have not pre-booked, and are standing in line hoping to get tickets on the day. It is always possible that there will be a small wait due to a venue's admittance or security policy, but that, of course, is outwith our control.

I ordered tickets for the 8th of May but my voucher is for the 5th of August?

Actually, you didn't order for the 8th of May. Your voucher is correct. This is Europe versus the world. Or rather, we use European date order, not North American. An order for 05-08-2024 is for the 5th of August, not the 8th of May. Please be careful. We refer to this all over the site.

Is your site for European residents only? Which currency will I be billed in?

No. Anyone may order through our site. Please note that at all times all prices are quoted in Euro (€). For most major international currencies (non Euro) you'll be charged in your local currency on the day we confirm availability and charge your card. In other words, your billing statement won't show an exchange rate, it'll show a transaction in your local currency.

Am I just paying a reservation fee? Will I then need to pay for the ticket on the day?

No, you are paying for a full price ticket, there is nothing to pay at the venue. Your voucher will be exchanged for a fully-paid ticket. It goes without saying that should you opt to purchase guide-books or extra services of your own choosing once you arrive, then such non-standard fees are not included.

When you say that children under six years of age are free, does that mean ages one to five?

No, it means children of ages six years or under.

How can I use your translated pages?

We use the excellent Google Translate service to provide automatically generated translations of tickitaly.com in more than 90 languages. Please note that since these are external, machine-translations we cannot guarantee that they will always be perfect. We cannot take responsibility for any misunderstanding or errors due to translation errors, the original English language site is the definitive version. Your vouchers and any communications by email will be carried out in English.

Are your tours in English?

Unless otherwise specified in the product description all tours are conducted in English.

Please do contact us if you still have unanswered questions after reading this FAQ.


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