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Guided bus tours, Milan, Italy

There are three tour routes for Milan; very roughly speaking they take in the centre of the city (the Cathedral, La Scala Opera House), with one heading south out towards S. Ambrogio and the Parco Basiliche, another heading further north towards Piazza della Repubblica and the central railway station and the third taking you out to the San Siro Stadium. All of the tours last roughly 90 minutes, and head off from the bus terminal in Piazza Castello, outside the Castello Sforzesco.

Ticket for Milan guided bus tour. Please note that the total price displayed above includes our service charge of Euro 3.50.

The routes criss-cross and run alongside each other at multiple points, and you are free to switch from one route to another as many times as you wish. Tickets are valid for 48 hours and all routes. The accompanying audio tour is available in 8 different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The tours operate on a 'hop-on, hop-off' basis, meaning you may leave and subsequently rejoin the buses wherever and whenever you like! You can download a detailed route-map and timetable (PDF) here.

Policy on the admission of pets:

Small/medium domestic animals will be permitted on the bus only on the understanding that they are inoffensive and do not pose a risk to the bus or passengers' security. If the driver at any point decides that the animal poses a risk to passengers or the bus, they can insist that the animal is denied access to, or is removed from the bus, at any point and at their incontestable discretion and with NO right of refund.

The animal must be kept on a leash and muzzle at all times. Animals that cannot for whatever reason use a muzzle must be kept in a pet carrier. The pet carrier must be in good condition, clean, must not contain food, and must not pose a risk to other people on the bus.

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5 stars
AD, India
18th May 2016
The Bus tour was very good and organized in a very nice way. I took all the three bus routes ABC. I enjoyed the Milano Bus Tour