Domus Aurea.

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Nero's 'Golden House' is still only open at weekends, and still may only be explored as part of a guided tour. The recently included virtual reality sections give an amazing insight into Ancient Roman life.
“The tour guide was excellent. We have visited the Domus Aurea before but did not clearly understand its design. Your tour guide explained everything very well. Please pass on our thanks”.

SP, United Kingdom.
“This is a stunning tour, with Federica an outstanding, energetic, knowledgeable guide”. Marco, United States.

“Most amazing tour. I have traveled a lot but this is the first time I have seen VR incorporated into a tour. Awesome!” AB, United States

October 2014 and, after eight years it is finally possible to see some of this incredible place, albeit it in a limited fashion for the time being. Emperor Nero's 'Golden House' was a staggeringly large and ornate palace, built in the heart of Rome as a place for pure entertainment, an estimated 300 rooms, none of which were for sleeping. The size is an estimate, as large areas remain unexcavated.

Restoration is ongoing (2018 was the projected time for all works to be finished) but at least there's now the possibility of seeing how things are progressing, as part of an official guided tour. Work largely stops at weekends and we're able to offer limited spaces on guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays. Please click on the calendar to see what's currently available.

All tours are fully-inclusive, all are skip-the-line. We try to arrange many different tours that take in the Domus Aurea, but availability is very limited - please use our calendar above to check what's available. We have some visitor information and history on this page.

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5 stars
KW, United States
17th May 2019
Wonderful tour and Tour guide Arturo! Would definitely recommend this tour.
5 stars
JO, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th May 2019
This was the highlight of our (7th) trip to Rome! Completely blown away by the sheer scale of the project - both then and now. The virtual reality experience was extremely emotional. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
5 stars
PT, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1st May 2019
Tour excellent. Suggest seating as two of our group had difficulty in standing for any length of time.
5 stars
NM, Italy
30th Apr 2019
This was a fantastic your. Our guide was excellent. He was entertaining and gave us so much information without overloading us.
5 stars
RS, United States
29th Apr 2019
The tour was exception, terrific 3D visual presentation!
5 stars
AH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
21st Apr 2019
The Domus Aurea was very interesting and the virtual reality part of the tour spectacular. The attached ebook guide was very useful.

After many years of being closed due to instability, many areas of the Domus Aurea - Nero's Golden House in Rome - are once more open to visitors. Restoration work is ongoing and, until works are finished, these tours only run at weekends.
A fully-guided tour (that also includes some state-of-the-art virtual reality elements) is run by our own expert guides - you can get a glimpse of what to expect in this short video.