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Florence - the Brancacci Chapel - a viewing of the famous frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino. After a good few years we’re delighted to once more be taking bookings for this Florentine jewel, away from the madding crowds, and a must-see on any artistic tour of Florence.

The Cappella Brancacci (Brancacci Chapel) is part of the church of Santa Maria del Carmine (designed by Brunelleschi), located in the Oltrarno district of Florence, south of the river and roughly 20 minutes on foot from the Pitti Palace.

The Brancacci Chapel is an amazing example of Renaissance art, and a key part of Florence's history. It was commissioned by Pietro Brancacci, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant; construction began in 1386, and in the 1420's Brancacci hired Masolino da Panicale to paint the Chapel. Masolino left for Hungary, and his young associate Masaccio was given the commission. Teacher became pupil when Masolino returned, with Masaccio outstripping his master in the series of frescoes of St. Peter and the theme of redemption.

Brancacci was latterly declared an enemy of the state; the faces of the Chapel's patrons were destroyed, with Filippino Lippi ultimately restoring the frescoes some fifty years later. Masaccio's works, including the agonising Expulsion from the Garden, have inspired the great artists of the Renaissance, Michelangelo included.

The Chapel is small and visitor numbers are restricted (we offer a maximum of 4 tickets per time slot) and visit time is limited to approximately thirty minutes.

The tour is not suitable for those in wheelchairs.

There are reduced price tickets for anyone under the age of 18, with a small reduction for those aged between 18 and 25. Everyone else requires a full priced ticket.