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Tickitaly offers train tickets between selected Italian cities on the comfortable and fast Freccia (arrow) train services - read on for more information or simply complete the form below to purchase your tickets.

We are a fully licenced partner of Trenitalia and make the whole process fast and efficient. You'll have your tickets (downloadable as PDF's at any time) well in advance, or you can simply use the supplied 'PNR' code and show it onboard using your smartphone or tablet - easy.

Please note that we can only confirm bookings four months in advance. Any booking more than 4 months in the future will be placed on hold until we can confirm the booking with Trenitalia (usually about 3 months in advance.)

Please note that we do not offer discounted or special offer tickets at this time. Train tickets are 'one size fits all' and are valid only for the specific date and times requested - no refunds are given for missed trains. Tickets are one-way only, so do be sure to book your return tickets at the same time.

We sell first and second class tickets. There is not such a great price difference between the two as in many countries - first class carriages tend to be more spacious, with fewer passengers, often larger and more comfortable seats and more luggage space.

Travel between the major cities of Italy in comfort and convenience

Why waste time in Italy idling in motorway queues and traffic jams when you can make use of the extensive railway system? Tickitaly offers a selection of high-speed routes between major cities, stretching from Venice and Milan down to Rome.

You'll be able to enjoy the scenery from one of Trenitalia's Frecce (arrow) trains with spacious seating, air-conditioning and excellent service. And even better - with the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) reaching top speeds of over 350 kilometres per hour - you won't be wasting too much of your precious holiday time.

Prices include your ticket and seat reservation as well as an €10 processing fee per person per reservation.

Train tickets may not be refundable. Please view Trenitalia's terms and conditions for more information.

Order your tickets using the form above and you'll receive an email notifying you that we are processing your request. Processing will normally take place during 1 working day after which you will receive a confirmation of your order along with a printable PDF-format voucher with your confirmation number.

Frecciarossa - the Red Arrow

Modern and spacious, with climate control and excellent services:

  • High speed trains with regular connections and a regular timetable.
  • Comfortable seating with plenty of space for your luggage.
  • Restaurant/buffet offering snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks as well as lunches and evening meals.
  • Frecciarossa Portal through the trains WI-FI, with 3G internet, travel information and entertainment.
  • Monitors displaying travel information, news and other useful information.

Frecciaargento - the Silver Arrow

The Frecciaargento uses tilting technology, allowing high-speed transport on both modern high-speed lines and the more traditional or tortuous routes. These trains are perfectly adapted for passenger comfort, with excellent lighting and visibility, climate control and sound insulation. A bar/bistro service offers a range of hot and cold meals, sandwiches and drinks.

Frecciabianca - the White Arrow

The Frecciabianca service does not use the high-speed lines, but offers highly comfortable transport with an excellent range of services across Italy. These trains are air-conditioned with spacious reclining seats and plenty of luggage room. Each seat has a power supply, individual ligh and foldable table. A bar service offers coffee and a range of other drinks and snacks.

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5 stars
GH, United States
8th Oct 2018
You made our visit wonderful
5 stars
JA, United States
18th Nov 2017
So grateful for the chance to buy these tickets on this site!
5 stars
MH, United States
27th Jan 2017
LOVED the trains and the accommodations. Once of the highlights of our time in Italy.
5 stars
GH, United States
14th Sep 2015
Using this company made the experience worry free and most enjoyable.
5 stars
GH, United States
14th Sep 2015
This was a smooth free experience.
5 stars
DS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
20th Jul 2015
Puts our railways to shame!!!