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As well as asking our customers for reviews on individual tours we ask them to let us know what they thought of tickitaly.com. These are overall reviews for the usability of the site and customer service. We also have some older reviews.

4.6 out of 5 stars from 9568 customers. 5601 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
JA, United States
26th Feb 2019
Site was user-friendly and easy to use. I found it extremely easy to purchase tickets on Tickitaly.com and print out the ticket vouchers at home.
5 stars
KY, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
25th Feb 2019
No problem. We got out of our taxi where it said and there was someone waiting there
5 stars
MP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
24th Feb 2019
Site very easy to use. spent days looking for a tour of The Last Supper without added tours. I was lucky I guess fi Di g the right time slot and day. Very happy to have found this site.
5 stars
IK, Israel
20th Feb 2019
Wery easy
5 stars
JR, Switzerland
17th Feb 2019
No problrm at all. Very good site.
5 stars
MA, United States
17th Feb 2019
I thought the elections were very clear and the oraginization by city made it easy and quick to navigate.
5 stars
DW, Canada
14th Feb 2019
The site was easy to use. We printed our tickecket voucher at home, followed the I structions and had no problem to validate them
5 stars
EM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Feb 2019
Perfect.. X
5 stars
6J, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
7th Feb 2019
very easy
5 stars
JN, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th Feb 2019
Very easy and efficient service. Staff very helpful.
5 stars
ZM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1st Feb 2019
I had no problems
5 stars
LG, United States
31st Jan 2019
Was very easy
5 stars
AM, United States
28th Jan 2019
Very user friendly.
5 stars
NW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
28th Jan 2019
Very easy to use the site.
5 stars
KC, United States
24th Jan 2019
Easy to book. Easy to find guide at site.
5 stars
SS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
14th Jan 2019
Site was very easy to use. Booking ahead made it simple to skip the queues.
5 stars
SV, United States
9th Jan 2019
The ticketing process and location were easy to navigate
5 stars
BG, Australia
1st Jan 2019
Very easy to use. Found the guide easily at the assigned time.
5 stars
JS, United States
1st Jan 2019
Quite easy. Wonder if it's possible to know possible dates sooner though I know Domus Aurea is hard to schedule ahead
5 stars
DC, Israel
28th Dec 2018
We had given up, we did not believe we could get tickets for a Picasso exhibition or a museum. We were very happy when we got tickets.

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