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St Peter's Basilica with audioguide

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A reserved entrance tour which allows you to explore the masterpieces of Saint Peter's at your own pace with the official audioguide of the Basilica.

Enjoy the magnificent architecture and artworks of this remarkable church. The audioguided tour lasts an hour and is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese. As of April 2017 there's the option to use the audioguide on your own device - you'll be given WiFi access and usage instructions upon arrival. You'll have the freedom to explore at your own pace and in the order you decide - but be sure not to miss Michelangelo's "Pietà", the high altar and Bernini's "Baldachin", or the Chapel of the Confession!

This tour includes reserved entrance before the metal detectors, and the use of an official audioguide in one of ten languages for the Basilica (Earphones are not included - you can bring your own or purchase them at the desk for €1.) It doesn't include entrance to the Sistine Chapel or the Cupola, hotel transfers or any optional activities. You will also be entitled to purchase tickets to the Vatican Museums and Sistine chapel in the Atrium, except on Sundays and days when the museums are closed. The tour lasts approximately one hour and you may visit anytime during the time selected, usually either 'Morning' or 'Afternoon' with a few restrictions on holidays, Wednesdays and Sundays - you'll see which times are available on your chosen date during the checkout process.

On Wednesday mornings, access to the Basilica and St Peter's Square may restricted due to the Papal Audience.

Please note that there is a strict dress code for the Vatican - shoulders and knees must be covered and low cut/sleeveless tops and shorts are not permitted for men or women. Clients that do not adhere to the dress code will not be permitted to enter the Vatican.

It is obligatory to leave the following items outside: suitcases, backpacks and containers larger than 40 x 35 x 15 cm, bags and backpacks that jut out by more than 15 cm from the body, baby strollers/buggies, medium to large umbrellas, any umbrella with a spike, walking sticks (unless necessary due to disablement), tripods for cameras and video cameras, signs of any kind, knives, scissors, tools and any items that could be used to harm people or damage works of art.
It is forbidden to enter the Vatican with firearms or any kind of weapon.

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4.6 stars out of 5 from 39 ratings. See all 22 reviews

5 stars
CL, United States
16th Jun 2017
Skipping the lines and being able to tour the St Peters on your own during the hottest weeks to go was the best thing we could've done. We focused on what we wanted on our own pace.
5 stars
NW, Austria
23rd Jan 2017
I can definitely recommend the skip the line access, especially during high season. For me the audio guide was sufficient for the Basilica (don't miss out on the grotto ;) )
5 stars
HM, Mexico
10th Jul 2016
5 stars
8th Jul 2016
Остались очень довольны и дети, и взрослые.
5 stars
AA, United Arab Emirates
1st Jul 2016
the place was amazing, the people that were outside waiting for us were very helpful and nice, the experience was amazing and we skipped the LONG queue that was there
5 stars
SCM, Australia
7th Jun 2016
Very well organised. It worked very well to have us enter at our allocated time and then be taken quickly through security and into the basilica.