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Customer reviews for: The Colosseum dungeons and upper levels

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These reviews relate to the various tours of the Colosseum Dungeons that we offer, and have offered in the past. Until the Belvedere top levels were opened in 2017, the dungeon tours were actually provided as a combo tour of both the dungeons and upper levels, hence the references in some reviews to upper levels!
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4.7 out of 5 stars from 965 customers. 741 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
10th Aug 2018
The entire tour was amazing, worth every penny. We had our 12 yr old son and he really loved it too! much better than seeing it daytime in the crowds. The first part of the tour was also brilliant - learnt loads of interesting info about Rome and its history. The Colosseum at night was spectacular, dungeons creepy and atmospheric and the tour made our trip to Rome extra special. Thank you for a great experience!
5 stars
JV, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
7th Aug 2018
This tour was amazing from entering the arena floor and the dungeons we found the knowledge of the guide exceptional. The Forum was equally as good. Five star experience.
5 stars
AS, Denmark
15th Jul 2018
We bought two tours. "Special Colosseum and Dungeon night tour", and "Circus Maximus and Domus Aurea". Thank you so much - the tours were excellent and we had a very good and enlightening time. Next time in Rome, we will find you again :-)
5 stars
WJ, United States
10th Jul 2018
The guide was excellent. The additional information on the way to the Colosseum was outstanding.
5 stars
CC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
10th Jul 2018
Guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Really enjoyed the tour.
5 stars
LS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th Jul 2018
Incredible, the sights were amazing, and the walk up to the Colosseum was so interesting, the tour guide was fantastic and the Colosseum itself of course doesn't disappoint
5 stars
JS, Canada
16th Jun 2018
If I could rate just the time inside the Colosseum in the hands of the amazing Archeologist/Guide, this would easily be 10 stars. Unbelievable experience to be in a nearly empty Colosseum as the sun set, listening to the history. However, the tour did inexplicably end 10 minutes early and it's misleading to think you're in the Colosseum for the full 2 hours. The meeting place is about a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum and you make the journey at a slow pace, stopping to look at ruins along the way. Once at the Colosseum, there are no lines to deal with. You clear security and go right inside. This tour is expensive but a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
5 stars
Alena, United States
16th Jun 2018
The tour started with a walk from the Altare della Patria to the Colosseum. The tour guide talked about the history of the ruins along the walk. Then the tour switched to the underground Colosseum which was true special. This is the most enjoyable and the best valued tour we have had in Italy.
5 stars
CD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11th Jun 2018
An excellent, well organised trip. Both of our guides (Felix & Susanah) made the evening both informative and enjoyable.
5 stars
CH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Jun 2018
Tour guides were great and gave us interesting facts and answered our questions
5 stars
LC, United States
8th Jun 2018
The tour exceeded our expectations. Alfredo was a fantastic tour guide, very informative and entertaining. It was a beautiful night, and having the Colosseum to ourselves was a dream. I couldn't think of anyway to improve - it was perfect.
5 stars
HD, United States
2nd Jun 2018
Our guide was great, we were the 1st group allowed into the Colosseum, the next group didn’t come in until 20 minutes later so we had the entire place to ourselves. It was incredible. I would Highly reccomend! Gratzie Alfredo!
5 stars
HM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
30th May 2018
Recommend this tour
5 stars
BM, Australia
30th May 2018
Great tour - very knowledgeable guide.
5 stars
ES, United States
22nd May 2018
I went on this tour with a friend and it was fantastic!!! Our favorite part of Rome!! Our tour guide was Nicoli (spelling?) and he was extremely well educated on all things Rome, not just the sites. He joked and answered questions well and was a good story teller and went at a good pace. Seeing the dungeons is DEFINITELY worth it. Really really cool. This tour was fantastic.
5 stars
19th May 2018
excellent time to visit the Colosseum // very good guide as she spoke English well..same for the guide that took us from Piazza Venezia to the Colosseum... for the night part there YES please contact the guests the previous day especially if you buy the tickets 4 months prior to the event.
5 stars
MC, United States
11th May 2018
Was amazing. Perfect guide inside
5 stars
JS, United States
9th May 2018
Tickets were exactly as described and much more affordable than all other similar trips. Was great to see the underground and was able to spend as much time as we wanted at the other sites. Great deal and experience!
5 stars
AH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th May 2018
Excellent and really enjoyed the historical information our guide for the forum and outside of the colosseum was Patricia . She was superb
5 stars
KP, United States
19th Apr 2018
This was our second tour, first time for the lower areas, great perspective from below and worth extra euros!

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