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5 stars
SL, Mexico
20th Dec 2019
Great guide
5 stars
MM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Dec 2019
Great tour with a really engaging and knowledgeable tour guide. She really made it interactive and informative and made the whole tour a great experience. Highly recommended
5 stars
TC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2nd Dec 2019
Excellent tour very knowledgeable guide
5 stars
AM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
28th Nov 2019
Tour guide was very well informed and patient.
5 stars
AG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th Nov 2019
We had to run to make this from our Vatican tour - we were 15 mins late but thankfully as it was low season, they took us in to join the tour, which was excellent.
5 stars
NW, New Zealand
3rd Oct 2019
I booked Colosseo, Domus Aurea, Vatican, Pompeii and Borghese Gallery with you. All were excellent skipped all lines and so easy! I would recommend Ticket Italy to ALL travellers to Rome! Thank you very much!
5 stars
JB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
27th Sep 2019
Fantastic tour - Natalia our guide was lovely, very knowledgeable and gave some really interesting facts about the colosseum and the roman forum
5 stars
GC, Australia
27th Aug 2019
Giulia from the Tour Guys was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, patient and just a beautiful person. Really made sure all the participants didn't miss anything. Would definitely do one of her tours again.
5 stars
NS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Aug 2019
Our guide was an archaeologist and very knowledgeable. We went everywhere and the guide made it all enthralling.
5 stars
BB, United States
31st Jul 2019
Cristina was our favorite guide. Not to take anything from Marco or Sara, but she was truly very good.
5 stars
SF, Brazil
11th Jul 2019
I enjoyed the very much the visit. The tour guide, Sarah F., was really great. She was very atencious, patient and explained all the details and history of the Coloseo and the Foro Romano.
5 stars
NW, Canada
8th Jul 2019
It was a fabulous tour. Our tour guide Jeanette was very well informed interested and entertaining. We wish we had her for all our tours.
5 stars
TB, Australia
12th Jun 2019
Was very grateful they refunded our tickets when we made a mistake
5 stars
PW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th Jun 2019
Great value. Knowledgeable guide.
5 stars
SK, United States
23rd May 2019
Our guide was fantastic. She really knew her information, knew how to impart it to adults and teenagers. She was able to keep it interesting without it being too technical or boring.
5 stars
CI, Australia
21st May 2019
Excellent guide
5 stars
DH, United States
19th May 2019
Great tour just not on such a hot day . Must have Moreno shaded area in the Center
5 stars
LP, United States
3rd May 2019
The tour guide was excellent! She encouraged the group to ask questions.
5 stars
JU, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Apr 2019
Great Guide for the tour.
5 stars
AP, Sri Lanka
31st Mar 2019
Very knowledgeable guide. Good descriptions. Only wish we had more time with her ( if you can make it at least 2hrs)

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