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 With this 'Gold' ticket, choose time, collect tickets at entrance, go straight in.
“Loved the Colosseum. Although we were here many years ago, this was the first time we actually went inside. It was great not having to wait on lines. Ticket entrance was a breeze”.

RM, United States.
“Exactly as promised. Great experience. We hoped for an 8:30 reserved time and got 8:35! Perfect! So easy”.
JV, United States.

“Perfect day. Everything we wanted. Couldn’t be easier. Thank you tickitaly”. MW, United Kingdom.


Skip-the-line official ‘Gold’ tickets.


Colosseum with Forum and Palatine "Gold" + downloadable audioguide

This fixed-time ticket covers entrance to the Colosseum, The Forum and the Palatine Hill, and comes with tickitaly.com's English downloadable audioguide (plus accompanying map).

This 'Gold' ticket means that, at most times of year, you should not be affected by the quota-system (a limit on maximum number of visitors) now used at the Colosseum, and will be allowed in at the time you specified. If the Colosseum is exceptionally full, you may face small delays, but not the sort of delay you may face with the standard ticket.

This is a skip-the-line ticket in that you'll not need to join the long queues for those that have not pre-booked, though you - and all other visitors - will still need to pass through a security queue. You will need to print your voucher.

Important: Security measures have been increased at the Colosseum and, even though this ticket is for entrance at a specific time, the authorities are currently telling all visitors to arrive approximately 30 minutes before entrance time. Please see this page for the most up to date information.

For the Roman Forum, you are able to visit (once) at any time during the 24 hours from your Colosseum visit, opening hours permitting. The Colosseum visit must be at the time specified - regulations are strict on this.

The audioguide comes in either mp3 or m4a formats and can be downloaded when you print your entrance vouchers. This is an optional but free download - you may choose to pay to rent a dedicated audio guide on the spot, should you prefer.

A little more information on types of tickets that you may find useful:

All of our Colosseum tickets are skip-the-line ones, and there are dedicated ticket desks for those that have booked in advance - you will never need to join the often gargantuan queues for people who are trying to buy tickets on the day of their visit! Your confirmation vouchers will have full instructions and directions on where to go when in Rome.

'Gold' (fixed-time) tickets allow you to choose your visit time when placing an order, and that's when you'll be granted admission. You'll pass through security and then go to the special pre-booked ticket pickup point and exchange your vouchers for tickets.
If you have no requirement for any reduced or complimentary tickets then you can opt for the 'Fast-track' version of this ticket. Fast-track tickets are full-price only, and allow direct entrance - just scan your code at the turnstiles (e-ticket or print), and you're in, no-need to go to the pickup point and exchange vouchers for tickets as your voucher is your ticket!

If the Colosseum has reached its maximum capacity then you'll be told that you may have to wait for a small amount of time, but the staff will always give priority to 'Gold' entrance times.

The opening hours are (roughly) as shown below. Please note that the ticket office will close one hour before the Colosseum itself closes.

  • Last Sunday of March to end August, 07.15 PM
  • September, 07.00 PM
  • October 1st to last saturday of October, 06.30 PM
  • Last Sunday of October to February 15th, 04.30 PM
  • February 16th to March 15th, 05.00 PM
  • March 16th to last Saturday of March, 05.30 PM

At a glance details:

  •     This is a full 'skip-the-queue' ticket.

  •     Go directly to the pick-up desk at the main entrance.

  •     The ground-level of the Colosseum is directly accessible to wheelchair users, the first level is accessible via an elevator.

  •     Voucher must be printed. You must print these vouchers in order to exchange them for your tickets - an email or a copy of the voucher on your phone or mobile device will not suffice.

  •     Our downloadeable audioguide is in English. If you want other languages then please purchase the 'Audioguide on site' ticket.

    Colosseum with Forum and Palatine "Gold" + downloadable audioguide

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    5 stars
    LM, Lithuania
    2nd Feb 2020
    We enjoyed our visit ir was very interesting day in Colosseum with Forumas and Palatoje.
    5 stars
    EE, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    7th Jan 2020
    the visit was good. tickets were all perfect and everything went smoothly
    5 stars
    NM, Malaysia
    2nd Nov 2019
    Everything is perfect!!! Thank you Tickitaly.
    5 stars
    JB, United States
    17th Mar 2019
    All good.
    5 stars
    AF, Greece
    19th Oct 2018
    It was very good experience and I’m satisfied by your services.
    5 stars
    GG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    18th Sep 2018
    Unless you know your Roman ruins (I did!), an audio guide is very useful. An obvious must-see destination.