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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy - information on security measures and queueing

Last updated Spring 2019

The information on this pages applies to ALL Colosseum entrance tickets, including those with a fixed entrance time, as well as tours:

Security measures as the Colosseum have been increased notably and this has resulted in often considerable delays for all visitors. Unfortunately, the metal detectors and security checks take place some time before the ticket desks and this means that ALL visitors that have booked, irrespective of whether they have a reservation for a specific time, are obliged to join the queue for security checks.

We understand, of course, how frustrating this is, but such measures are, regrettably, unavoidable; work is going on to increase the number of metal detectors and security equipment, but this problem is unlikely to go away any time soon. It goes without saying that these measures are imposed by the Rome authorities and have nothing to do with us and that therefore we are unable to offer any refunds (we have already paid in full for your reservation and are unable to obtain any refunds from the authorities).

What does this mean? It means ALL visitors need to arrive at the Colosseum well in advance of entry time. This clearly applies most in high season (Easter to end September), but it is still a requirement to get there well in advance at other times of year. If you are taking part in a tour, please arrive 30 minutes beforehand - if you are not in a tour then be there at least 30 minutes beforehand. Yes, these are long waiting times, but there is obviously no getting around security procedures; the staff on site do not permit latecomers to gain entry.

If you have a ticket without a fixed time then we'd advise you to avoid first thing in the morning and early afternoon as queues will be even longer at those times.

We're very sorry about these delays and we hope we can count on your understanding - obviously such matters are totally out of our control.


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Coronavirus in Italy


Please note that in order to use your tickets you MUST be able to provide one of the following:

  • - Covid19 Green Pass certification (in digital or paper format) able to attest - together with a valid identity document - that they have received at least one dose of one of the vaccines authorized by the EMA or AIFA (Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNtech, Vaxzevria by Astrazeneca, Janssen by Johnson & Johnson and Moderna)
  • Exemptions: COVID-19 Green Certification is not required for children excluded by age from the vaccination campaign (under 12 years of age) and those exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification.
  • - Visitors from Israel, Canada, Japan and the United States - Vaccination certificates issued by the health authorities of these countries (complying with EU Recommendation no. 2021/912 of 20 May 2021) will also be accepted, but must include the identifying data of the person and data regarding the type of vaccine and date(s) of administration. Please note that certificates will be accepted if they are in Italian, English, French or Spanish. If the certificate is not issued in bilingual form and not in one of the four languages indicated in the Order of the Minister of Health of 18 June 2021, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation.

This documentation must be presented at the entrance when the body temperature is checked.

Security queues to check the Green Pass requirements may be a bit long so do allow plenty of time to ensure you do not miss your entrance slot. Have your Green Pass and ID ready for viewing. Whilst they may seem long, queues do move fast so please be patient. Thank you for your cooperation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a Green Pass and a valid identity document, you will not be able to access and your ticket will not be refunded. For further information www.dgc.gov.it

Due to Coronavirus many venues and events are applying strict entry conditions. These will vary by venue but common examples are:

  • You must wear a compliant CE mask (Ordinanza RT n.48) which covers both mouth and nose.
  • Disposable single-use gloves must be worn at all times.
  • Hands (or gloves) must be cleaned with a disinfectant gel on entry.
  • Your temperature (which will be measured on entry) must not be above 37.5°C.
  • Visitors must maintain a social distance of 1.8m at all times.
  • There may be a maximum visitor limit in place - in some cases this may lead to delays

Any conditions may be changed without notice as Italian regulations are updated.

If you are denied entrance because of failure to meet entry conditions, no refunds will be available.