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5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd May 2018
We could have done with more information as to how to find the reservation tickets queue, we spent a lot of time walking round the Collaseum trying to find out where to redeem the vouchers for tickets. Once we had sorted that out it was very easy and exactly on time. The guide was very informative, the tour was worth the money
5 stars
EP, Canada
15th May 2018
Amazing Tour! I would highly recommend this tour!
5 stars
MJ, Ireland
10th May 2018
Easy access to the venue, no waiting in line. Tour guide was knowledgable and the access, particularly to the upper levels of the colosseum was well worth it. Great service overall.
5 stars
SC, United States
7th May 2018
Truly enjoyable tour!!
5 stars
SD, United States
7th May 2018
We had a fantastic time on our tour
5 stars
PB, United States
7th May 2018
This tour was great, probably because there were only three tourists (including me) and the guide. So, no audio equipment (which I've found to be of very low quality on my other two tickitaly tours) was used. The guide was knowledgeable and spoke English very well.
5 stars
AB, United States
2nd May 2018
Our guide was amazing both knowledgeable and engaging
5 stars
DD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Apr 2018
Worth every penny! Our guide Damiano (I think!) was very knowledgeable and brought the place alive for us. Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon. I would highly recommend this tour. The only downside was the earphones which were very poor quality but as there were only 4 of us I did without when possible.
5 stars
KH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Apr 2018
Our guide Julia was prompt, organised, informative and entertaining. We had no waiting to enter the Colosseum via the Pre-booked tour group entry. The radio headphones provided were excellent, allowing everyone to hear what Julia had to say, even at a distance throughout the tour which included the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. I have read some negative comments about Tickitaly, but I can sincerely say that we could not have been more pleased with our experience of them and the price we paid.
5 stars
SG, United States
15th Apr 2018
Well worth the money. Hot to go to the highest point in colloseum and away from all the crowds. Additionally your ticket allows us to skip the general admission line.
5 stars
VG, United States
6th Apr 2018
The Colosseum ticket was perfect for us. It provided a breif tour/explanation and allowed us to skip the very long line.
5 stars
JJ, United States
26th Mar 2018
Great! The tour guide was patient and informative.
5 stars
NH, Canada
18th Mar 2018
Absolutely amazing! This tour let us see several parts of the colosseum that are closed to most visitors and we even had a section of the new arena to ourselves to take photos on!
5 stars
RD, Malta
17th Mar 2018
The tour was very interesting and the tour leader was very well prepared and gave us so many useful information. The tour was very exciting.
5 stars
JJ, United States
16th Mar 2018
Tour guide was patient and helpful!
5 stars
JN, United States
14th Mar 2018
The tour was wonderful. Guide was terrific. My only suggestion is that the process for getting through security and connected with the guide was very confusing. Also, the booking was very intense about the names and birthdays of the people but the guards didn't care much at all.
5 stars
DD, Ireland
13th Mar 2018
Brilliant tour and a brilliant guide couldn't have been better. The best value in comparison to other tour operators. Would highly recommend
5 stars
GT, Australia
13th Mar 2018
Excellent guide with perfect info. Very professional.
5 stars
MJ, Canada
25th Feb 2018
We had a great visit. The only problem we had was staff at the Colosseum didn't know where to send us with our prepaid tickets. The third person we saw got us to the right place.
5 stars
BD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Feb 2018
Absolutely great, very informative and worth every penny to say that you've seen the dungeons and levels 5 to 6

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