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The Verona Opera Festival - tips, advice and practicalities

Do be careful with your tickets as they cannot be re-issued under ANY circumstances. To put this more bluntly, if you lose your tickets you will need to buy new ones - the Arena di Verona have become extremely strict about this and will not accept neither proof of purchase nor a facsimile of the tickets in place of the originals ... without your original tickets you WILL be refused entrance.
Please also note that your tickets are only valid for the date printed on them, so ensure you check your tickets as soon as you get them. If you don't use them you have no entitlement to a performance on a different day.

The Arena di Verona issues no refunds for tickets except in specific conditions where a performance is cancelled because of bad weather. In this situation, all information will be given by loudspeaker. The start of any performance (and therefore the announcement of cancellation) may be delayed by as much as two and a half hours in the hope of better weather.

Refunds will only be given if a performance is cancelled, not if it is suspended once it has begun.

To get a refund, hand tickets to the main ticket office of the Fondazione Arena immediately or on the following day. If you cannot do this, mail them to the Arena di Verona Foundation head office (to be received within ten days of the performance) and you will receive a refund. The office is located at:

Fondazione Arena di Verona
Via Roma 7d
37121 Verona

The full policy document (PDF) of the Verona Arena may be viewed here.

Duplicate tickets are never issued, and all prices in the programme include every relevant tax. The Arena di Verona Foundation does reserve the right to change the programme, date or schedule in the event of technical problems or force majeure. No children under four in the Arena we're afraid (though why anyone would wish to take a three-year-old to several hours of Aida or Tosca we cannot imagine). As we've said, operas are long, but it is possible to rent cushions within the Arena di Verona, and we'd advise it. There are no cloakrooms, so go before the performance. There is a lost-property office at the Office of the Town Hall (Ufficio Oggetti Smarriti del Comune di Verona).

An image of the Verona Arena

How to behave in the Arena

Please only occupy your own seat and ensure you reach it before the performance starts. If you arrive late you will not be admitted during the performance, but will have to wait until the first interval. Please dress appropriately (while taking precautions for wet weather). There are refreshments available, but these are only available for the numbered seats and stalls during the intervals between Acts. Certain objects are prohibited in the Arena di Verona, such as bottles, knives, scissors and glass objects - these may be confiscated by ushers. Photography, sound or video recording of any type is forbidden. Turn off your mobile/cellphone before the opera starts. Smoking is banned during the operas at Verona, as are pets ... so no lapdogs!

If you have a physical disability, please ask the ushers at Gate 4 for assistance.

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Click here to select and book your Opera and ticket type for the Verona Opera Festival

Click here for information on ticket types, plus a seating plan for the Verona Arena

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