Palazzo Ducale.

'Secret Itineraries' guided tour.

The Palazzo Ducale - Doge's Palace.

The 'Secret Itineraries' tour is one of Venice's most popular tours, regularly sold-out months in advance.
“This was a great tour.

Not only did we visit the regular Palace tour, we were able to visit other areas that were attainable only on the secret tour. Recommend to all visiting Venice”.
“Very much enjoyed this experience, the groups are limited in size and the guide was excellent. Make sure you book the tickets before you arrive in Venice”.

CW, Great Britain.

Venice Doge's Palace 'secret tour' tickets (1h)

A regular visit to the Doge's Palace (the Palazzo Ducale) in Venice is extraordinary enough - this guided tour, though, goes beyond that. Aficionados will want to dig even deeper - to explore the hidden corners of the palace on this, the Itinerari Segreti del Palazzo Ducale (the secret tour of the Doge's Palace).

The building is a quite remarkable example of Gothic civic architecture. Every stone, passageway and artwork evokes the power that the Serene Republic wielded over a millennium of unparalleled imperial power.

All visitors have access to the Bridge of Sighs - typically, once the tour is finished, those taking part are directed towards the bridge and the 'New Prison' where they are free to look around by themselves. All tours last approximately one hour.

Please be aware that the route taken by this tour is often a restricted one, by its very nature. There are numerous steps and small inclines, often quite steep, and many of the passages are small and tight. For these reasons the tour is not for children under the ages of six, for pregnant women or for the disabled. Children under six will not be permitted to take part on this tour.

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At a glance details:

  •     Voucher must be printed. You must print these vouchers in order to exchange them for your tickets - an email or a copy of the voucher on your phone or mobile device will not suffice.

  •     This is a full 'skip-the-queue' ticket.

  •     This tour lasts approximately one hour.

  •     The meeting point for this tour is at the 'Group counter' of the Doge's Palace (Piazza San Marco).

  •     You must be at the meeting point at least 10-15 minutes before the tour start time - admittance will not be granted after the beginning of the tour.

  •     This tour includes numerous steps and narrow passages and is not suitable for the disabled, pregnant women or children under 6.

  •     Headphones (for groups of more than 9 persons)

    Venice Doge's Palace 'secret tour' tickets (1h)

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    5 stars
    SS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    14th Jan 2019
    Superb visit with a brilliant guide.
    5 stars
    KR, Canada
    13th Jun 2018
    The tour itself was very interesting. Our guide, Paola definitely knew her subject and had some very interesting tidbits of information to share. The tour was just the right length - long enough to understand the subject but not so long that we were bored. Very well organized and presented. It was nice to have a small group also.
    5 stars
    JF, Portugal
    3rd Jun 2018
    I loved the visit. The guide was fantastic.
    5 stars
    VG, France
    22nd Apr 2018
    Our guide was very good. I would Like to come back and refound this formidable guide !
    5 stars
    SC, United States
    30th Mar 2018
    Phenomenal tour!! Truly a behind the scenes view!
    5 stars
    PD, United States
    19th Sep 2017
    Great tour of the Palace. Lot's of interesting facts about life "back then". I'd highly recommend this tour.

    A glimpse of the atmosphere you can expect if you join us on one of our exclusive 'Secret Itineraries' tours at the Palazzo Ducale, Venice. Tours offer an in-depth insight into the political history of Venice and an understanding of the incredible longevity of La Serenissima - The Most Serene Republic of Venice.
    Your experienced guide will not only cover the splendid chambers covered by other tours, but also give you an informative glimpse into the secret passages and chambers of the Palace.