The Palazzo Ducale 'Hidden Treasures'.

This small-group tour gives priviliged access to some newly-restored and rarely-seen areas of the Palace.
“Excellent tour. We saw areas the public do not see and were given a very inciteful history of the palace and life in the palace. We were able to bypass the queues which made it all that much easier”.
PT, Australia.
“Visit was quite superb. We spent almost three hours exploring the palace before our tour with the excellent guide Paola, which added much to the experience.
The ticketing process could not have gone smoother”.
MR, Great Britain.

Palazzo Ducale.

The ‘Hidden Treasures’ guided tour.


The Doge's Hidden Treasures guided tour

This comparatively new tour sees yet more of the splendours of the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale) in Venice on show to the public, as small groups are able to explore some of the private rooms in the wing of the palace that lies adjacent to St Marks Basilica.

Please note that included in the price is the standard entrance for the Palazzo Ducale - you're free to explore there under your own steam - but that this tour IS NOT the famous 'Secret Itineraries' tour of the Palazzo.

The centrepiece of this new tour - and it should be stressed that the only way to participate IS as part of a small guided tour, maximum ten people - is the newly restored Chiesetta and Antichiesetta del Doge, the Duke's Chapel and chapel antechambers. You'll start your tour at the Porta dell Carta with its marble sculptures and decoration, from where you'll ascend to the Loggiato, the terrace/balcony where the Ruler of Venice, the Most Serene Republic, would appear before his public. This is an excellent vantage point for gazing across the entire area surrounding St Marks.

It's then on through a series of rooms, apartments and terraces, passing the coffers where State Treasures are stored before a steep staircase - adorned with a St Christopher by Titian - ascends to the Chiesetta and Antichiesetta, all richly decorated and frescoed in lavish style; the Chapel is also home to a sculpture of Virgin with Child and Angels by Jacopo Sansovino.

As you may have guessed from the description, the authorities do not recommend this tour to persons of reduced mobility - it is also not permitted to those under six years of age. The tour runs seven days a week, lasts roughly 75 minutes and is available in Italian at 11.00 AM, English at 11.45 AM and in French at 12.30 PM.

Please note that this is not a guaranteed availability tour ... we keep the calendar as up to date as possible but we will need to confirm your request before completing your order and will only charge your card if we can confirm availability.

At a glance details:

  •     Voucher must be printed. You must print these vouchers in order to exchange them for your tickets - an email or a copy of the voucher on your phone or mobile device will not suffice.

  •     This is a full 'skip-the-queue' ticket.

  •     Group size is never more than ten people.

  •     This tour lasts approximately 75 minutes.

  •     The meeting point for this tour is at the 'Group counter' of the Doge's Palace (Piazza San Marco).

  •     You must be at the meeting point at least 10-15 minutes before the tour start time - admittance will not be granted after the beginning of the tour.

  •     This tour includes numerous steps and narrow passages and is not suitable for the disabled, pregnant women or children under 6.

  •     Headphones (for groups of more than 9 persons)

    The Doge's Hidden Treasures guided tour

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    5 stars
    OP, United States
    11th Sep 2019
    Great experience with an excellent guide. Highly recommend.
    5 stars
    JF, United States
    18th Mar 2019
    I can't remember our tour guide's name, but SHE WAS OUTSTANDING!!!!
    5 stars
    SF, United States
    29th Sep 2017
    Our guide was very well informed and personable. We enjoyed our visit very much!
    5 stars
    MC, United States
    31st Aug 2017
    Good but my husband has some hearing issues and had to be close to the guide to hear.
    5 stars
    MC, United States
    4th Mar 2017
    Our guide was very interesting and fun.
    5 stars
    MR, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    25th Jan 2017
    Visit was quite superb. We spent almost three hours exploring the palace before our tour with the excellent guide Paola, which added much to the experience. The ticketing process could not have gone smoother. We exchanged our voucher for tickets (and instructions on where to go) without any waiting or delay at all.