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Vasari Corridor, group tour

A guided tour of the Vasari Corridor, lasting around two hours (1 hour inside the Vasari Corridor). Cost includes all entrance tickets as well as the tour itself. Children under the age of 8 may not take part in these tours.

The tour starts in the Piazza della Signoria, and after an explanation of the artistic history of the square, continues to the Vasari Corridor for an hour, ending in Piazza Pitti.

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4.6 stars out of 5 from 37 ratings. See all 26 reviews

5 stars
GD, United States
20th Nov 2016
Loved our tour guide and our personal time to explore the art - one man accepted two cell phone calls while inside which was quite rude, but after he began speaking loudly he was asked to get off. All of our tour guides knowledge was incredible!!
5 stars
PA, United States
11th Oct 2016
Our tour through the Vasari Corridor was one of the best, and certainly most interesting, guided tours we have experienced. Our guide, Roberta, was extremely knowledgeable and well-organized, as well as being friendly and helpful. Thank you!
5 stars
EA, United States
28th Jan 2016
What a treat to be inside an iconic piece of architecture that is the epitome of Florence.
5 stars
KD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th Sep 2015
This was truly wonderful.
5 stars
LC, Australia
8th Jun 2015
Brilliant visit... fantastic guide. Thank you!
5 stars
FS, Switzerland
18th May 2015
A very rich experiment. You see Florence differently when you cross the Ponte Vecchio.