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Vasari Corridor and Uffizi, group tour

A guided tour of the Vasari Corridor and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, lasting around three and a half hours. Cost includes all entrance tickets as well as the tour itself. Children under the age of 8 may not take part in these tours.

After meeting at the Palazzo Pitti, the tour begins with a walk to the Uffizi Gallery, admiring the exterior of the Vasari Corridor along the way. You'll spend about an hour and a half in the Gallery before a half hour coffee break. The tour then proceeds through the Vasari Corridor, admiring the rooms and artworks before finishing back where you started at the Palazzo Pitti.

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4.9 stars out of 5 from 21 ratings. See all 18 reviews

5 stars
DM, Zimbabwe
8th Nov 2015
The Vasari Corridor and Uffizi was a high-light of my trip to Italy, and Florence. The guide was excellent, well spoken, and very informative. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in art, history or architecture. The views from the windows along the way were a treat!
5 stars
CP, Romania
15th Oct 2015
The guide was there on time. Actually there was a team of guides that came at the meeting point and the groups were divided for English and Italian language. Our guide was very nice and pleasant and made the tour easy to follow and understand. I recommend them.
5 stars
MC, United States
13th Sep 2015
Our guide was very good and made our experience quite unique and memorable.
5 stars
KS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
26th Jul 2015
Our guide's knowledge was amazing. She was also charming and extremely engaging. Could it be possible for the tour to end in the Uffizi so that individual clients can remain there as long as they wish? Nevertheless an unmissable insight into the life and times of the Medicis and the treasures in the Uffizis
5 stars
PE, United States
2nd Jul 2015
Our guide was so knowledgable and personable. I completely enjoyed it.
5 stars
HT, Australia
26th Jun 2015
Lucia is an excellent guide: informed, passionate and compassionate. Although we had visited the Uffizi before, this time Lucia's knowledge enriched our viewing of key artworks; the tour of the Vasari Corridor was similarly informative (much appreciated the emphasis on female artists!). Unreservedly recommended as a tour.