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Spectacular Private Gondola Grand Canal Cruise - 1 Hour (1 to 5 people)

Have the history and magic of Venice explained as part of this hour-long private guided tour of the canals of Venice.

A guided tour by gondola along the canals of Venice, lasting one hour. This private gondola tour is available for most of the year, and typically heads off at 2:00 PM, seven days a week in low season, and at 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM at other times.
To stress again that this is a private trip, just you and your group, and that the price is fixed whether there are one, two, three, four or five people in your party.

Gondolas in Venice are covered by strict insurance regulations meaning that any child over the age of six months must be seated (children under six months may be carried). Unfortunately this means that children over the age of six months must be paid for at full adult rates.

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