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Venice Grand Canal small boat tour - 1 Hour

Venice's Grand Canal - you may never have seen it, but you know what it looks like. A cinematic backdrop too alluring to resist, the roll-call runs from Don't Look Now through to The Talented Mr. Ripley, stopping off at James Bond, Indiana Jones and The Italian Job along the way. With our unique boat tour you can gaze in wonder at the 170 or so splendid buildings, palaces and churches that line this most incredible of High Streets.

Your tour guide will evoke the glory days of Byron, Shelley and Browning and point out the palaces of the rich and famous; you'll be told why there are so many eastern and Moorish influences, why so many juxtaposed styles of architecture. You'll also be taken off the beaten track to explore some of the more hidden and secretive canals of Venice, to be given some views of Venice life that simply cannot be enjoyed other than by boat, and you'll be left with a beguiling impression of this most evocative city. Truly, you haven't seen Venice if you haven't been guided around by boat.

The tours run in high season, and your private water taxi (note, this is a small motor-boat, not a gondola) will have no more than 8 to 10 people aboard. The tour lasts about an hour and typically runs each day of the week at 03.30 PM.

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4.3 stars out of 5 from 12 ratings. See all 7 reviews

5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
20th Apr 2017
Guide easy to find and organised. Quality tour. Recommended. Great tour as only small number in the boat.
5 stars
IM, Canada
17th Apr 2015
Great event. Would recommend it to anyone visiting Venice as you get to see areas of the city away from the main tourist zones.
5 stars
kristen DK, United States
16th Sep 2014
Or guide was the BEST!! We really enjoyed the tour, just wish it was a little longer, with more time on the Grand Canal instead of on the other side, but BEAUTIFUL city and a GREAT TIME : ) Thank you so much!!
4 stars
FN, United States
26th Jun 2015
I enjoyed it very much, but some rude passengers stood and blocked the view for others.
4 stars
JW, United States
5th May 2015
Had a great time on the boat tour! Our guide was terrific, very knowledgeable. It would be nice if everyone got an outside seat if desired.
3 stars
VV, India
23rd Jun 2018
This was a regular boat tour which takes you through the grand canal , was strictly ok. Only 3 ppl get the best seating , rest all are couped in