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As you doubtlessly don't need telling, trust and security are of paramount importance when purchasing anything online. With this in mind, we sometimes write to people who have booked through tickitaly, to ask for their impressions of using the site and the services of tickitaly.com. We also have a page with a selection of press and online reviews.

Our most recent reviews are here.

You'll find some comments below (running oldest to most recent) - if you'd like to add to them then please mail us at info@tickitaly.com - thank you.


From: Jean Ellis - Email address supplied

Dear tickititaly -

I only had two days to visit florence and wanted to see as much as possible... Purchased the tickets to the accademia online and at the scheduled time, pulled up in a taxi, walked to the door, and went right in! The line was around the corner and it was about 100 degrees that day (end of June 2003). All I can say is SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! In love with Italy, Jean Ellis


From: Sharon Pevsner, USA - Email address supplied

Message: To all of you at Tickitaly.com,

I want to thank you for providing my family with your service. I ordered and prepaid for reservations and tickets to see The David and to the Uffizi Museum in Florence. I had read the comments by satisfied customers, however I was a little nervous making the arrangements completely by email. Everything worked as you said it would.

First I got the times and days I requested. We walked right in to both places. Exchanged our vouchers for tickets without a problem. We were in Florence during the second week of August with many tourists and extreme heat. Waiting in line (2-3 hours) would have been very unenjoyable.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone traveling from the United States.


From: Louise Kokotailo, Canada - email address supplied

We just returned from a month in Italy. What a wonderful country.

We were very impressed with the reservations we made with www.tickitaly.com In the past, I have been reluctant to use the online reservations system. Not any more. When we arrived at both the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, our reservations were confirmed and tickets waiting for us at our requested time. Although we traveled in a less busy time, we still managed to bypass about 50 people waiting for tickets, saving time. This also eased our uncertainty and stress, since we knew that we were guaranteed admission to the galleries. We would recommend your reservation system to our friends.


From: Ann Rothery, USA - email address supplied

Dr. Castellani--Your website was very intuitive and easy to use. It was one less detail to have taken care of obtaining advance tickets for the Uffizi Gallery. When my family and I arrived, it was a relief to proceed without the hassle of waiting in line.

The only problem we had was finding parking. You may want to consider another feature on the website by including a map to direct visitors to parking. Maybe you would also consider asking them to reserve their parking by paying for that in advance.

Feel free to use my comments, but I do not wish to have my e-mail address published.

Ann Rothery


From: Chris Rickman, UK - email address supplied

Q. Was the site easy and intuitive to use, were you unsure how to proceed at any time, and were the procedures/instructions clear and helpful?

A. All of the above I found to be perfectly clear, I cannot remember grumbling to my wife about the process, as I sometimes do about some sites, so I assume, by default, that your site is an OK one.

Q. Did everything go smoothly once you had placed the order, and were there any problems when you actually arrived at the gallery?

A. There was a slight problem when we reached the Gallery. Two of the five of my tickets were for senior citizens. Despite the obvious age of my Mother, 87, the Official at door 4 of the Uffizzi still insisted on seeing proof of age! For my wife who is 67, it was maybe more understandable. However she showed a perfectly valid ID card with photograph issued by our local council for a senior citizen bus pass and this was challenged. We were told it was not a valid European Union ID. We were eventually allowed access. Maybe something on you site about requirements at the door would be of help.

[We will indeed add this information. It is sometimes difficult for Italian officials to understand that not all countries require their citizens to carry ID cards, if indeed they are issued in said countries at all. You will often find that nothing other than a Passport or Driving Licence (with photograph) will suffice.]

Q. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Italy, and that your time in Florence was rendered even more enjoyable by not having to waste too much of it standing in a queue!

A. Not having to waste time in the queue was immensly satisfying and we had all the more time to relax and enjoy the museum. Sincerely, Chris Rickman.


From: Roger Jones, USA - Email address supplied

Dear Dr. Castellani, We had a wonderful visit to both of the galleries. You were correct in your prophetic vision (?) of a strike at the Uffizi on the 29th of June. We were admitted right away on the 1st of July. Thank you for your efforts. It was our first trip to Italy and what a wonderful introduction. Grazie, Roger Jones.


From: 'Mill2trav', USA - Email address supplied

I have just returned from my trip to Italy and was fortunate enough to obtain my tickets in advance to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence from your website. I must say, it was awfully nice to go to a special line designated for "advanced ticket purchase" holders and within 5 minutes, be admitted into the building. The line for those waiting to purchase tickets was extremely long. Thank you again for this convenience. The whole process was relatively effortless.


From: Judy Hoile, UK - Email address supplied

Dear Lisa Falagiani

First may I congratulate you on your excellent English. I am sorry my Italian is nowhere near good enough to pursue a conversation even on the internet. Secondly, I would like to tell you what an excellent service you give. I have received all my vouchers within 12 hours of ordering (including the updated Uffizi one with the amended time on it - thank you very much indeed). I hope the museums will be as efficient as you are!

In England the website recommended for tickets to the Uffizi is called (note: removed for legal reasons), but as the link to the reservation of ticket site does not work, it did not seem very good. And then, much better, I found your website. Congratulations and thank you.


From: Sarah Wedderburn - Email address supplied

Thank you for your email. Yes, your service was excellent, and you emailed me personally when my tickets did not immediately come through over a weekend, explaining about box office hours etc.


From: Tom Parsons - Email address supplied

Hello! The site was set up very well with good prompts all the way! I am brand new to purchases over the internet, but had no problem navigating your site. Your service added to out enjoyment of the visit to Italy.

Sincerely, Tom Parsons


From: Kathleen Braun - Email address supplied

It was amazingly easy to use, we were very appreciative of its convenience, and the Uffizi was a highlight of our trip. I have been recommending this website to all friends and family who are planning trips to your beautiful country. Kathleen Braun


From: Ellie Gomez - Email address supplied

Hi there, It was a smooth transaction and absolutely wonderful not to have to wait in line for both galleries - the site was easy to use and email communication very clear and quick. The only snafoo was almost being charged AGAIN for entry into the Uffizi because the clerk didn't realize we had already paid, not just reserved our entry. But he came around pretty quickly and hopefully he won't do it to anyone else after we cleared it up for him. We'd definitely book again with you guys on a future trip!

Thanks, Ellie Gomez


From: Jonathan Richards - Email address supplied

I was very happy with the site. Everything went very smoothly at the gallery and, as you say, it was much better than queuing up for ages to get in.


From: Karen Weymouth - Email address supplied

Dear Dr. Cristiano Castellani - We purchased our tickets for both Galleries several months ago. Whilst I cannot remember too much about the booking process, I seem to remember it was relatively straight forward with clear instructions. I would however say having to rely on email to sort out whether or not there was availability was a little cumbersome.

An improvement would be to enable the whole booking process including confirmation to be undertaken through your site all at the same time. Availablity was good we booked our tickets less than a week before our visit and got the times we wanted. On our visit to Florence the queue for tickets for the following day at the Uffizi confirmed any doubts we may have had about the increased price of prior booking.

We were able to more or less walk straight in at the allocated time, the Uffizi was far better organised than the Accademia. We have recommended your site to all our friends visiting Florence, it is a must for any tourist wanting to make the most of their limited time in the city. If only more attractions offered such a service. Keep developing site, I would recommend you look at the many other sites that offer prebooked tickets whether it is for Museums or Theatre tickets. Good luck with the development. Karen

[Tickitaly note: we would dearly love to be able to function in 'real time' as regards availability. Go tell it to the authorities - they still work by telephone only. Our hands are tied.]


From: John Dawson - Email address supplied

Hello I found your service very easy to use and very quick. Congratulations!

John Dawson, Sutton Coldfield, England


From: Tom Foley - Email address supplied

The site was easy to use and the service of being able to print a voucher was very effective. I am recommending it to others.

Tom Foley


From: Shelley Leahy- Email address supplied

'Was the site easy and intuitive to use?' -Yes very clear and easy to use.

'Were you unsure how to proceed at any time?' - NO

'And were the procedures/instructions clear and helpful?' Yes

'Did everything go smoothly once you had placed the order?' - The tickets were issued with the incorrect time. When I emailed tickitaly about this problem it was quickly (within 24 hours) rectified. This is, in my opinion, the sign of a good company. One that can acknowledge a problem and fix it immediately. We were VERY pleased about this. Thank you.

'And were there any problems when you actually arrived at the gallery?' - None. We were very satisfied with the website. It was easy to use and a pleasure to have these tickets in advance. I was surprised that you only offered admission to 2 sites.It will be great to see other things added. I have, and will continue to, recommend your website to others traveling to Florence. Thank you for great customer service. Ciao, Shelley


From: Ann Litt - Email address supplied

Everything met our expectations. Ann Litt.


From: Charnie Waintraub - Email address supplied

To Whom It May Concern, I am responding to your email regarding your website. I had a very easy time at the site purchasing the tickets to the 2 galleries in Italy. I received the confirmation in a timely fashion and had a wonderful time in Italy. Thank you. Charnie Waintraub.


From: Greg Dyan - Email address supplied

Great. Easy. No waiting. I was traveling with three other people, two over 65 years of age, walking into the Museum without waiting was a gift. Thank you.


From: Martha Vrana-Bossart - Email address supplied

Message: You sent me an email asking about your service and you website ... it is excellent ... we booked tickets for the Uffizi at the last minute and we were able to recieve them prior to our departure ... we got the time and date we requested and once we arrived at the Uffizi, it was easy to enter and view the galleries. Thank-you for your website, and service. It is Fantastico!


From: Scott Vidimos - Email address supplied

I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance on my recent trip to Florence. Miss Grazia did a wonderful job showing us around the Uffizi and Accademia. Obviously, she was well qualified to conduct the tour but she truly brought life to the art and architecture that we saw. I enjoyed her company along with her professional knowledge. Please pass along my compliments to her.


From: Janine Morgan

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for going to all the trouble of sending our Uffizi gallery voucher to our hotel in Florence. We had a lovely time at the gallery and it topped off a wonderful holiday in Italy. Thanks again for your efforts, Janine Morgan.


Dear Lisa. I would like to thank you for arranging the reserved ticket for the Accademia on short notice and faxing the form to my hotel. It saved me a very long wait. I would also like to congratulate you on furnishing me with the services of Ms. Grazia Badino. She and I spent a day and a half together and she was wonderful! Her knowledge of the city and its monuments is truly encyclopedic and she succeeds in conveying the history of each place and the artworks included therein in a lucid, enjoyable way. Her enthusiasm for the buildings and the artists is also transmitted.

I really felt that I learned a lot more in the time I spent with her than if I spent three times as much time reading guidebooks or listening to audio-guides. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting more than a "Florence for Dummies" approach to your wonderful city. When I come back (and I will), I will definitely hire Grazia again. Best regards. JM


We just got back from our trip to Italy. We had an amazing time and thanks to you we didn't have to wait on a 2 hour line to see the David. We went right up to the reservation line and waited about 5 minutes and got right in. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Thank You


(You can post my comments but please do not put my email address down thanks.)


Just back from Italy and i wanted to tell you that the vouchers for the academia and uffuzi worked perfectly and we are just delighted, thank you very much,

Tracey Carberry


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with regards to the tickets for Italy tours. We have returned from our holiday, and were successful in getting the Doge's Palace voucher and attend the tour. You were very helpful, as everyone in Italy was. We just wanted to pass on a final thank you!

We hope to visit Italy again in the near future.

Kind regards,

Bobby & Arlene Patschke (USA)


Thank you so much, Lisa. My visit to see the Last Supper was wonderful, and all the arrangements were fine. Everything worked out perfectly. Thank you again.


Mark Orwoll


Hi Lisa,

I wanted to tell you that everything was fine at the Coliseum and the last supper. We had a great time and we'll certainly book again with tickitaly the next time we'll be back on the peninsula.

Thanks for everything, Joe Bonnici (Germany)


(Vatican tour)


My wife and I had a tour that you had arranged with Ms. Federica on Tuesday May 16 2006. We want to thank you very much for organizing this for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the insight provided by Federica.

She mentioned that she had written a book about Rome and the Vatican which is available in the U. S. However, when we left her we forgot to obtain the name of the book or even her full name. If you could contact her and get this information for us, we would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you, Joe Denena (USA)


I just wanted to let you know that I have recently returned from my trip to Italy and wanted to let you know how great it was to secure my ticket reservation prior to my visit to the Uffizi and Galleria. Talk about a time saver....it was perfect. I was so happy to not have to join the huge lineups when we arrived at the sights. I will be forwarding your website address on to a friend of mine who will be visiting Italy in a few months. Thanks so much for everything... Jennifer Lethbridge (Canada)


April 2007

I just wanted you to know that we had the most wonderful time in Italy. Booking tickets through your company is the only way to go. Everything was perfect. At the David in Florence - we were the first ones in the gallery and we were all alone to take in the statue. No words can describe this feeling. We met Stephania easily at the Vatican and were treated to her expertise. The tour was a life altering experience.

I thank you for working with me and making our trip to Italy so fabulous. I will tell everyone I know to use you. Let me know if I can be of any help to you when you visit New York City.

Thank you again.

Lisa Chriss

New York (USA)


26/04/2007 20.12.32

Thank you very much for the Vatican Tour - it was great, and Federica was super!! She was very informative and knowledgeable. Thank you!!!

Gerry, USA




We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Uffizzi today with Ms. Emanuela. She was so knowledgeable and interesting that we would like to refer her to our friends who live here in Italy so that their other guests can book a tour with her.

Judy (USA)



Secret Tour, Venice

Just to let you know that we both thoroughly enjoyed the "secret" tour this morning. The lady in charge was excellent and it was both informative and great fun.

Thanks... and congratulations.

Best wishes

Bruce & Nicola




Hello, I've just returned from Rome where I pre-booked the following visits through you. Vatican (Tues 22nd, Coluseum Weds 23rd, Borghese Gallery Thurs 24th). Excellent service, we walked straight in (after showing the voucher), no queuing. The Guide at the Vatican (Ms Frederica) was excellent, very knowledgeable and appeared to really enjoy her work, which made her enthusiastic and interesting. Thanks again.

David (and Lesley) Smith (UK)



Hi, Lisa,

Just a quick note to say everything went fine and we had no problems at any of the sites we visited. Thank you for the help. We especially, however, want to compliment our Vatican tour guide, Deborah. She was prompt, informed, intelligent, unfailingly pleasant, courteous, organized, and very professional. Just a real joy to spend the morning with. Please pass to her superivisors -- and to her -- our thanks for a job well done. She represented TickItaly very well.

You can tell her this note is from the couple who found her by looking for her striped pants!

Best regards, EGK from Seattle.



I have just returned from my vacation to Italy - and I want to thank you immensely! Your service worked impeccably! It was a pleasure to be able to visit the Uffizi and the Accademia in Florence without having to wait in line! and as you promised - there were no questions asked - or problems at all!

Thank you again -- I will not hesitate to tell my friends of your company!

Sincerely, Elizabeth Fowle (United States).


24/07/2007 (Vatican pre-booked tour)

Dear Lisa,

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour. Valentina was great and her knowledge of the art work and history made the tour just wonderful. Even when we had problems with the sound system she remained calm and got it all sorted out for us. She even recommended a great restaurant for lunch and as it was our last day in Rome, it was lovely to go some where authentic rather than for the tourist market.

Please pass on our thanks to her.

Well done tickitaly for a wonderful tour.

With best wishes

The Findlay Family

United Kingdom (Great Britain)


23/07/2007 (Vatican pre-booked tour)

Hi Lisa,

We wanted to write and let you know we completed our tour of the Vatican with Ms. Deborah on Friday July 20th. We throughly enjoyed ourselves and thought Deborah was exceptional. Her pace allowed you time to look around, her voice was clear and calm, and her knowledge was deep. She provided us with just the right amount of information to be able to retain what we learned and not be overwhelmed with 2000 years of history. My husband and I are very delighted customers and would highly recommend to our friends for them to take her tour.

Thank you for the wonderful guide, it was an enriching exerperience.

Kelsie and Merwan from Canada.


08/08/2007 12.57

Thank you so much for forwarding this to us in Italy - we did enjoy the tour and we both thought that Virginia was very nice and so enthusiastic made the tour most enjoyable. Thank you also for arranging the tickets for Verona - it was magical and a return next year is a must! Plus more sight seeing in Florence.

Thank you





I have just returned from Verona Opera using tickets booked with you, great seats, great show. Thank you for your help. Do you know when you will be able to provide tickets for the 2008 Opera season in Verona?

Thank you,

Chris Brine


9 Aug. 2007

Dr. Cristiano Castellani,

What a great trip ... honestly, it just couldn't have been much better. We were a party of three traveling, mostly by car, from Milano to Rome and many points in between.

Prior to our trip in June, 2007, I found your website thru an internet search. 'Tho a tad skeptical about making reservations thru a third (internet) party, I soon felt very comfortable ... everything seemed very well thought out and professional. Happily, I was not the least bit disappointed in choosing to book reservations with Tickitaly.com ... to the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, and the Borghese Gallery in Rome as well. We also purchased a Rome archeological card and booked a private guided tour of the Vatican with your service.

Everything went extremely well, with the exception of the museum workers threatening a strike on the very morning we were booked for the Uffizi. That little hiccup did require us to wait for about two hours ... and some line confusion ensued regarding people with reservations and people without. But, luckily, once the workers resolved their issues, we were allowed into the museum as expected and with the queue of people holding paid reservations.

Especially nice was our guided tour of the Vatican. What a gem our guide Ms. Stefania Cinotti is/was! We felt so lucky to have her. Ms. Stefania is a very personable and knowledgeable young woman and we would highly recommend her to all your clients. Our tour of the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters was greatly enriched through her efforts. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to her for her kind attention.

As to the service you provide for travelers to Italy ... well, I also highly recommend it. If anyone feels at all wary about using your site to purchase reservations, I'd just like to assure them that they will be very, very glad they did, once they see how easy you make visiting Italy's busiest tourist attractions.

Thank you so much for offering travelers such a fine service ... I shall definitely use you again and recommend you to all my friends & family. I most certainly won brownie points from my sister and her husband when traveling this summer.


Pamela Greusel

Diamond Bar, CA




Dear Lisa, Just to say Thank You for organizing our tickets to the Last Supper in Milan. We enjoyed our visit - many thanks for your very friendly and efficient organization.

Sydney Thorne



We went to Milano last weekend and we had a great time. It's a beautiful city but the top of the bill was the visit to ‘the last supper.' The reservation of the tickets was perfect. When we arrived at the museum, the ticket were there and after 10 minutes waiting, we could see the painting. Thank you very mutch for the extra time you used to help us.

Best regards,

Wim Robbroeckx

Visiting the Last Supper in Milan


First-name: Valeria

Surname: Murphey

Country: USA

Date: June 9th 2008

Message: We went on the Vatican Museums tour on Tuesday, May 13 at 10 a.m. It was conducted by Alfredo. I wanted to let you know how excellent Alfredo is as a guide. He is both knowledgable and passionate about his subject, as well as pleasant and friendly. He made the tour a wonderful experience. Thank you!


Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008

Ellen Johnston (USA) wrote:

We have returned from our trip, everything was absolutely perfect, the guides were wonderful, especially Rosanna at the Vatican Museum, we learned from all of them. Thank you for helping us make this the trip of a lifetime.

xoxo, ellenjohnston


First-name: Rhonda

Surname: Ketterling

Country: USA


I want to compliment you on the great guide we had when we visited the Vatican recently. Her name was Ms. Federica and she was excellent. It was our second trip to the Vatican and this was by far the most informative excursion. Thank you.


First-name: Trevor

Surname: Pieterse

Country: Australia


Dear ALL, I would like to make a special THANK YOU to Cinzia she was our guide on Monday 7 July 2008, At the end of our 3 hour tour I never got to thank Cinzia personally on behalf of my wife and two daughters.

Cinzia did a fantastic job of both informing us about the Vatican city and all the important things inside as well as the history but equally as important kept our interest the whole 3 hours without once over complicating things, she was the best tour guide we had on our whole trip around Italy!

Many Thanks Cinzia!

Vatican tours link


September 2008 Gerard Schumm (USA)

Message: Just returned from 2 weeks in Italy with my family. I made arrangements through TickItaly for the Vatican, Doges Palace - Secret Tour, Accademia in Florence. Everything was perfect. The highlight was Ms Rosanna on the Vatican Tour. It was easy to see that she loved what she was doing and that she really understood the history behind the things we saw. I've already recommend TickItaly to several on our my friends. Jerry Schumm


October 2008, Vatican tour taken in September 2008

Hi Lisa, Thank you for an excellent tour! Ms Federica was extremely knowledgeable and really made the tour extra interesting! Please, forward mine and my wife's very special regard to her. Best regards, Ulf Jerndal (Sweden)


October 2008, Doge's Palace Secret Itineraries tour, Venice

Hi Lisa. Thank you for helping us to rearrange our tour. We have just returned from our trip and really enjoyed the secret itinerary of the Doges Palace our Guide was excellent and it was great value for money we will recommend it to our friends. Once again many thanks, Grazie e arrivederci! Barrie and Jill Seton-Thomas (UK)


October 2008, Rome, Vatican tour

Lisa, Just a note to say Thank You for all your help. We went on the tour today and your tour guide Ms. Cinzia for our group was Wonderful!!!!. She was very nice and courteous, and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed it so very much and feel blessed to have been given the opportunity.

Have a Great Day and may God Bless You! Gerald & Family


Guided tour of the Vatican, October 2008

Overwhelming as it appeared, we looked forward to our tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peters. We arrived to be greeted by Deborah, where she made the entrance process absolutely great and took us on the most fascinating tour that we have ever had in 40 years of travel around the world!

Her knowledge of the facility and her laid back manner kept the entire group mesmerized throughout the complete tour. She is truly an asset to your company.

Tickitaly proved to be the easiest way to make reservations and enjoy the most fascinating tour of our trip and will henceforth be our sole purveyor for tickets and tours when we return next year. Thank you for your most efficient website and for all your pleasant personnel in making our trip the best ever.

Don Waak, Austin, Texas


Vatican tour, October 2008

On October 7, 2008 Rosanna took our group of 6 on private a tour of the Vatican (Voucher 2065055). I just wanted to tell you how impressed we were. She was knowledgeable, entertaining, a fine teacher, answered all our questions, and patient.

Most impressive: When we arrived, one of our couples was quite agitated because her wallet was stolen on the train. Rosanna waited while she called to cancel her credit cards, explained to her how to file a police report, and comforted her. Our friend was so upset she wanted to go back to the hotel, but after meeting Rosanna she decided to stay with us. I saw her last week and she told me how glad she was that she stayed with us, that the Vatican tour was a real highlight of the trip. Rosanna even extended the tour to make up for time lost on the phone with the credit card companies.

The next day Rosanna called to tell us that she had taken personal time to locate the lost and found for the train system and explained how we could check with them in case the wallet was discarded. This was well beyond the call of duty! What a great lady and what a great experience!

Please send her our thanks!

Craig Goldwyn


Vatican tour, November 2008

Cinzia did a fantastic job of both informing us about the Vatican city and all the important things inside as well as the history but equally as important kept our interest the whole 3 hours without once over complicating things, she was the best tour guide we had on our whole trip around Italy!


Tour of the Vatican, October 2008

Hi Lisa

We thought that we would send you a short note just to say how much we enjoyed the guided tour of the Vatican on the afternoon of 27 October. The guide Ms. Federica was really excellent and kept us all enthralled.

Once again many thanks.

Bryan & Viv Steiner


Dear Lisa,

As you now know we visited the Vatican on Thursday and all went very well. We were priviledged to have a personal guided tour and Marriela (spelling?) was excellent.
Thank you very much indeed for all the organising you did for us. It all went very smoothly even though there was a demonstration in rome which held up the traffic the Colesseum did not query that we were a few minutes late.

You have a very good company and I would recommend you to any of my friends if they are visiting Italy. Thank you again.
Margaret B. (UK)


Vatican tours

This is to advise you and other readers considering using your tour guides at Vatican City that your company is the one to choose. Our guide Patricia was knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, friendly and gave us the best tour money could buy when we recently visited Vatican City this past June 2008. We would advise anyone considering your tour guides to book with you as we could not be happier with our experience.

Joseph and Patrina Gafa



Dear Lisa

Thanks for all your help. All the tours we did were excellent and the ticketing arrangements with your company all worked beautifully with no problems at all. The Rome bike tour and the guided Uffizi tour were absolute highlights. Well done to all at your company.

Best regards

Greg Howe, Australia


Verona Opera, August 2009

Hi Lisa,

Just saying hello and thank you again so much for your help in organising these opera tickets. The clients have just returned, and had a wonderful family holiday in Italy, with the highlight being the Aida opera in Verona. They say it was magnificent, and the Gold seating was perfect. Thank you so much for your kind and efficient assistance.

The Travel Chain
South Africa


Milan tour plus Last Supper viewing.

Thanks, Lisa, for coming back to me.

Now that we have returned from our holiday in Italy, I should like to say that my wife and I very much enjoyed the Milan tour + Last Supper viewing. Our guide and driver were both excellent.

We feel your tour is truly excellent value and really a "must "for anyone who only has a short time to see this remarkable and beautiful city . We are most grateful to your excellent website for suggesting such a tour if sight of The Last Supper is desired.

We shall certainly be recommending your company.

Ciao and best wishes

Tony Boyd-Williams


Rome - the Vatican and the Colosseum

My husband and I have just returned from a weekend in Rome and pre-booked 2 events with you for Saturday - the Colosseum in the morning, and the Vatican museums in the afternoon. It was our first visit to Italy and the first time we'd used the website - I have no hesitation in recommending it to other travellers! It's easy to use and your responses and paperwork are clear and efficient.

The benefits of not having to queue on Saturday at either venue were tremendous - by 10am there was about an hour's wait at the colosseum but we were able to take our vouchers to the group book-in and were admitted straight away. Many thanks for helping us to make the most of our trip, and we can't wait to go back!

Alison, UK


'Booking Opera tickets for Verona - 1st class service'

If booking tickets for the opera in Verona, I can strongly recommend booking through Tickitaly. In particular, Dr Cristiano Castellani was not only prompt, courteous and helpful, but also went "the extra mile" when helping me with a problem created when I lost the tickets whilst mailing them at Xmas.

Sincere thanks to Tickitaly....it's great to know there are people who still view customer service/care as more than just selling the initial service.

Mr K Bertie


Venice tickets

Thank you for booking the tickets for the Accademia del'Arte and the Secret Itineraries tour of the Doges palace in Venice: all very efficiently done! In fact I can hardly believe it all happened so quickly and with clear explanations for collecting the tickets.

Thanks again.

Natalie, Sydney, Australia


August 2010 - Vatican tickets

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you provided me last month. I ordered Vatican tickets less than 24 hours in advance before I realized it would take several days to complete. After I ordered, I called and asked if you could get the tickets for me by the next day. Within the hour I had the tickets I needed in an E-mail and was able to print them out and everything worked out wonderfully. Nice work and thanks again!

Matt (USA)


March 2011 - Colosseum dungeons tour

Dear Pamela,
Thank you very much for this message. At least we know where we stand and I can't thank you enough for your help and personal attention. I'm sure you are very busy and it must be so frustrating to deal with all of this and all the requests from tourists like us. If there is any way I can give you any credit for the work you have done please let me know; I would be happy to write a review or anything else - after we come home, of course! Or perhaps you could pass my comments on to your supervisor, if you have one, to show how satisfied we have been despite the circumstances. It's so reassuring to hear from someone rather than being ignored, especially if that someone is as efficient and pleasant as you are.
As I said, we will simply have to try again another time. In the meantime, I'm sure we will enjoy what Rome has to offer.
Best wishes,

Sandra, UK


April 2011 - Vatican tour

Hi, Thank you so much for getting this order to me so quickly. I have used your services before- your company is great.

Holly, New York


May 2011 - Last Supper, Milan

Having returned to our home in Massachusetts, we wish to thank you for a charming half an hour,or so, of your company as we waited to view The Last Supper. As a result of the strike on Friday, May 6th, we had expected to leave Milan disappointed not to see DaVinci's masterpiece. What a lovely surprise to have Andrea remember us and to make such an effort to include us for the special viewing. It was an added delight to converse with you in a city we found very courteous and friendly. We certainly have glowing words for 'ticititaly' and its director! Grazie.

Winifred and Philip Mahoney, Massachusetts


June 2011 - Colosseum tickets, Rome

Dear Tickitaly,

You're AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for making my trip to the Colosseum easy. I just printed out my tickets and now I wait. Only 8 more days until I'm on the plane to Rome (your beautiful city). This is always been a dream of mine to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary in Rome and your website just made my day. Because I am finished with all my preparation.
Thank you again for your easy to follow instructions and quick responses.

DeAnna Hausner, San Diego


June 2011 - Uffizi and Accademia tickets, Florence

Kudos!!! You people are doing an amazing job!!!

Barbara, Kansas


June 2011 - Venice Academy

Thanks a lot. You are great!

Mandy, Toronto


June 2011 - Uffizi and Accademia tickets, Florence, Colosseum and Vatican tickets, Rome

Thank you for your prompt service!

Lauren, Toronto


July 2011 - Borghese Gallery tickets, Rome

Woo woo!

@ngelique, California


July 2011 - Vatican tour

Voucher received today, thank you very much for your help. Will certainly use you again.
Kind regards,

Mr Goodwin, Walsall, UK


July 2011 - Colosseum tickets, Rome bus tour.

Thank you so much for your speedy response.

Dawn, St.Helens, UK


August 2011 - Michelangelo's David tickets.

As usual, you came through! I have passed your info to many many people; you deserve the success!!!!

Barbara, Lucca, Italy


August 2011 - Last Supper tickets.

Dear Tickitaly Staff!

I do want to thank you all for the fast and effective help in our reservation!!!!!!!!!

It is so amazing, that I didn't have to spend my lifetime reading all the "you should know, unless you won't be there" rules. Fast and efficient you all were!


Ci vediamo a Milano forse...:)

Krisztina, Budapest, Hungary


August 2011 - Florence and Rome tickets.

Subject: Praise from a satisfied customer!!!

I wanted to thank the Tickitaly team for making my trip to Italy so seamless and easy. I purchased tickets to the Uffizi, Accademia, and Colosseum through you guys and I am SO glad that I did! Doing so saved me and my family hours in unnecessary lines, allowing us to make the most of our time in each city. The experience with Tickitaly has been extremely professional and efficient; I appreciate y'all doing all of the leg work for us!

I can't give y'all enough praise and I will definitely recommend you to all of my family and friends. Being in the customer service industry, I appreciate a flawless experience with no hassles. Using our vouchers was so painless.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tickitaly is a GREAT company!

Brock C., Texas, USA


October 2011 - Last Supper

Thank you for your promptness and clarity.

C. Ritz, Santa Barbara


October 2011 - Vatican tour

My family and I took a private tour of the Vatican last Wed. 9/28. We just want to tell you how wonderful Deborah was. She was so professional and knowledgeable, we all enjoyed being in her company. This tour was one of the highlights of our trip because of Deborah.

Warm Regards,
Sandy Ingraffia


April 2012 - Vatican tickets

Dear Sir,
I am very impressed at your efficiency. Last evening I made a mistake and booked tickets to the Vatican for the wrong date. I noticed this as soon as I finished the booking process. I at once sent you an email to request a change more in hope than in expectation. I have now received the voucher for my preferred date. The booking ref is (snip). I am both thankful and impressed.

David N Leonard, Dublin


April 2012 - Last Supper 'after hours' tour

I am just emailing to thankyou for your tour of the Last Supper. I would like to say the guide ( I am sorry I have forgotten her name) ON SATURDAY EVENING 28TH APRIL 2012 8.15 pm was excellent!!! Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject made our visit to the Last Supper very memorable.
Once again thankyou.

Pat Sutton (UK)


May 2012 - Last Supper tickets

Dear Tickitaly

Thank you for this excellent service. We have printed the voucher, and look forward to our visit to the Last Supper.

Best wishes,
Peter White
Canberra, Australia


May 2012 - Colosseum, Rome and David, Florence

I just wanted to say "thank you" for having such a great tour guide for the Colosseum and Forum tour. We had Rosanna as our tour guide and she was awesome. She was so knowledgeable and great at explaining everything about the Colosseum and Forum. She made the tour very interesting and fun. My husband and I were thrilled to have the chance to go down in the underground area as well as the very highest level to view everything in the Colosseum.

We also booked a reservation for the Galleria Dell'Accademia in Florence and were not disappointed with our reservations. We were in Italy during culture week, so we were very glad to have booked through your website. We were able to get the tour times we wanted and when we got to the Accademia, we got right in and saw everything we wanted to see before the crowds got too great.

Thanks so much for a great website and when we go back to Italy, we will utilize your website again for all of our tour plans.

Shannon Reynolds (USA)


May 2012 - Vasari Corridor, Florence

Dear Tickitaly,

My husband and I recently visited Florence - (May 8, 2012) - and took tour #2 of the Vasari corridor. We loved the tour and our guide was marvelous with all of her knowledge of historical and art history facts she shared with us! My husband will often not go to museums due to the crowds and the lines, but as this is booked and takes place in a quiet place, where no one else is, except the rest of the tour and our guide, he was very happy, and enjoyed every minute of the tour. Sometimes he was even poking behind lingering at a particular painting, or looking out the round porthole windows of the corridor.
Our guide Lucia was amazing as I mentioned before. Her knowledge and narrative took us back to those times when the corridor was in use, and the vistas out of the windows over the Ponte Vecchio and the river were to die for.

I highly recommend this tour for visitors who have short stays - (we were in Florence just short of 3 days) - and want an opportunity to see things that not many people have, (due to the recent restoration of the Vasari corridor). My two sisters and their husbands visited Florence the month before we did and had stayed longer. They were envious of our stories and pictures from the corridor - (out the windows) - onto the Ponte Vecchio and the river.

Our tour had only 4 participants, but there can be as many as 25 guests, which would still work well with the structure of this tour. Book this tour while you are in Florence. You won't regret it!

Trish (surname withheld by request), (USA)


June 2012 - Colosseum and Roman Forum guided tour


This is to say a HUGE thank you to Tickitaly in general and to Deborah in particular.

Our Colosseum and Forum visit with you was wonderful. We booked the tour which included the dungeons and upper level of the Colosseum and I have to say that it was terrific value for money. So much did we enjoy it that we have decided to repeat the experience the next time we visit Roma.

Finally, a word or two about Deborah. We could not have wished to meet a more charming, delightful and knowledgeable companion. Please pass on our sincere thanks to her.

Very best wishes,

Rowland Hardwick, UK


June 2012 - pretty much everywhere!

My husband and I gave our granddaughter a trip to Italy for her 13th birthday (with the two of us, of course). We just returned and I wanted to make sure I let you know that the ticket reservations through your website worked great, but not having to stand in the long lines we passed made all of us smile.

We visited Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Pompeii; and had ticket reservations in all cities and everyone of them worked perfectly. Our trip (your tour) from Rome to Pompeii was one of the highlights of your two week journey. The tour guides were so knowledgable and pleasant. Our lunch was delicious and the location was perfect (including the unexpected singing and music).

It was a day we will all remember, as well as, our time together to experience such a beautiful country. We would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you to your staff and to Pam, who helped us when we had questions.

V. Grissom, South Carolina


July 2012 - Private Colosseum, dungeons and Roman Forum tour.

Hi Pamela,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with everything.

Prior to booking, my wife was hesitant due to some posts on TripAdvisor. I told her it was probably just a few "complainers" that wrote that, and not to worry.

You were so helpful during the booking process, and our tour guide Deborah was fantastic.

I had told her during the day I was going to watch the soccer that night, and she found out hours after our tour that I was about to head out to the wrong place. She sent me a text message advising me of the proper location. I was ultra impressed.

I was wondering if there was somewhere where I could send or post my feedback if it would be helpful for you or your company. Let me know, it would be my pleasure.

Paul Cote, Canada


August 2012 - Boboli Gardens, Florence

Dear Tickitaly,

I recently used your web site for gathering information about sightseeing in Italty and purchased tickets for the Boboli Gardens in Florence. I just want to tell you that your web site is very well organized, informative, and user friendly. Within 12 hours I had my ticket voucher. I will use your site again and reccomend it to others. Thank you! I can't wait to come to your beautiful country.

Jennifer Wolbert, NY


August 2012 - Colosseum underground and upper level guided tour.

Message: Hello from Australian soil!

Crystal and myself recently purchased two tours through TickItaly and would like to make a very big commendation to one of the tour guides that we had the privelage of meeting.

Deborah (Colesseum dungeon and upper level) is a wonderful asset to your company! For the entire tour, Deborah remained enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Her clear passion and love shined through her words and really made us feel so inspired and just love the Colesseum even more!

I will recommend this tour to anyone I know who plans on traveling to Rome! Also, thank you to the people in the background for organising things so quickly as we only booked a day before both tours (in the peak of summer).

Kind Regards,
Cheree and Crystal.


August 2012 - Florence, Uffizi Gallery and David at the Accademia.

Dear Pamela,

We have enjoyed Tuscany (staying 15 minutes outside Florence). Unfortunately we leave this weekend.

Thank you very much for your excellent service. We went to the Uffizi this morning and saw David this afternoon. It was a wonderful experience and exchanging the vouchers was very simple. I would use you again and will recommend you to friends.

Thanks again.

Best wishes,
Andrew, UK


September 2012 - Colosseum and the Vatican

I wanted to thank you for the quick entrance to The Colosseum yesterday. Your words and facts from your website were perfect! I also want to give a special thanks to Pamela, I hope this was her as she responded back to me quickly for different ways to print out and pick up my tickets.
Thank you again very much and will always use your website for all tickets and recommend to all my friends and family who will visit!

Postscript: Yes of course you can use my review Pamela! I am more than happy to support your company and share it for others to see.

Kindest Regards,

Kourosh Pourkazemi, Los Angeles


October 2012 - Colosseum tickets

Message: just to say a massive thank you to Fabio for our guided tour of the colosseum on sunday 7th Oct - this was our first time in Rome and we really did not know what to expect so with his freindly manner and great commentry he made the colosseum come to life for us - well done Fabio and thank you again (p.s. I hope the colosseum is still standing when we return and no more stones are stolen... :-)

The Plummers, Buckinghamshire, England


Dear Tickitaly,
We were on the 10.15 Last Supper tour on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 and enjoyed it very much largely thanks to our guide whose name I think was Andrea. We had to leave fairly quickly at the end, but if you are able to, please pass on our thanks to her. We found her very knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge in an engaging and interesting way. It was a most enjoyable morning.

Best regards, Alan Jackson and Kathy Foster, UK.


Vatican and St Peters private tour, Monday 17th March 2014

I would like to give you feedback on the above which our party of 8 enjoyed immensely.

Everything was perfect, meeting, entry (lovely to pass those queues), technology, venue (of course), etc.

But the best thing about the whole morning was your guide Deborah. She is charming, friendly, erudite, and a real credit to you. We listened to her intently throughout, she held our attention, surprised us, interacted with us, answered all our questions, and made the morning very special. We would have missed so much without her. We all think we would like to meet her again and when we come back to Rome we would hope to do so.

Many thanks

Graham F. (UK)



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