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5 stars
PD, United States
19th Sep 2017
Great tour of the Palace. Lot's of interesting facts about life "back then". I'd highly recommend this tour.
5 stars
MC, United States
31st Aug 2017
Good but my husband has some hearing issues and had to be close to the guide to hear.
5 stars
LN, Brazil
21st Aug 2017
5 stars
HL, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
18th Aug 2017
Fantastic tour. Our guide was brilliant and the tour exceeded expectations. Thank you!
5 stars
DS, Canada
18th Aug 2017
5 stars
SA, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Aug 2017
Really enjoyed our visit!
5 stars
KS, United States
8th Aug 2017
This tour was great and very informative. Our tour guide was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour.
5 stars
AK, Hungary
4th Aug 2017
Very nice building inside and outside. Kind and helpful staff.
5 stars
JC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Aug 2017
The tour was informative and interesting, given by a very qualified guide. I would recommend this tour to all.
5 stars
DP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
31st Jul 2017
Fantastic guide and just for the two of us
5 stars
TB, United States
22nd Jul 2017
I had been to Doge's Palace once before but never had to purchase my own tickets. The process, ( 10 tickets purchased) was easy and worked great. Your web site gave great instructions on how the voucher had to be changed to a ticket. At Doge's they had a person helping with that process. Also I would add we went very first thing in the morning and there were no lines. Seriously no lines.
5 stars
RR, Canada
21st Jul 2017
The tour was great and informative and a great way to see secret areas not available in the general tour. While this tour was a bit pricier than the general one from the Doge's Palace website, it was a great option when other sites are sold-out.
5 stars
AC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2nd Jul 2017
The guide was really friendly knowledgeable and easy to understand.
5 stars
LW, United States
2nd Jul 2017
We were rushed because we were slipping away from our tour to visit Doge. Got audio and enjoyed the information.
5 stars
MW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
23rd Jun 2017
WOW! The Palace is one of the best places to visit in Venice. The history is fascinating, the decoration is incredible. Very informative placards everywhere to explain what you were seeing and bit more of the history. Great tour. Left feeling we hadn't paid enough for entry. Thoroughly recommend. There was no separate line at ticket office to exchange vouchers for tickets, which negated the advantage of pre-purchase, although we sneakily went to the Group dest, where there was much less of a queue.
5 stars
JH, United States
22nd Jun 2017
It was perfect. We went right in going right past a very, very long line of people waiting.
5 stars
MP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
18th Jun 2017
That's a palace I would spend a week in, exploring ALL the rooms and secret corridors, not just the east wing and the prison...
5 stars
LM, United States
13th Jun 2017
Great; loved it, so did our 9-year-old
5 stars
JS, United States
11th Jun 2017
Our tour guide was excellent. She was well informed and made the tour very interesting. I think this is a great way to tour the Palace.
5 stars
LD, United States
8th Jun 2017
Our tour guide was great! She was very knowledgeable of the palace and the unique history behind it. She even explained above and beyond in some areas - which we appreciated. There was a delay in starting due to the company who had the headset devices - but it was all figured out and the tour was really great! I am glad we did this tour as we would not have known all the history and backstories otherwise. Also, we skipped the lines! That in of itself is huge!

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