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5 stars
LM, United States
13th Jun 2017
Great; loved it, so did our 9-year-old
5 stars
JS, United States
11th Jun 2017
Our tour guide was excellent. She was well informed and made the tour very interesting. I think this is a great way to tour the Palace.
5 stars
LD, United States
8th Jun 2017
Our tour guide was great! She was very knowledgeable of the palace and the unique history behind it. She even explained above and beyond in some areas - which we appreciated. There was a delay in starting due to the company who had the headset devices - but it was all figured out and the tour was really great! I am glad we did this tour as we would not have known all the history and backstories otherwise. Also, we skipped the lines! That in of itself is huge!
5 stars
JK, Canada
6th Jun 2017
We had a great tour with the fabulous Arianna! She was very knowledgeable, personable and entertaining. I would highly recommend this tour when you're in Venice. Thank you!
5 stars
TC, United States
17th May 2017
I loved it! Skip the line tickets were a must and I really enjoyed the palace and museums in St. Mark's square
5 stars
RR, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15th May 2017
Very inspiring and emotional as we crossed the Bridge of Sighs
5 stars
NW, United States
13th May 2017
This was a great visit. Interesting tour and the guide did a great job. It was a way for us to get into the Doge's palace as the Secret Itineraries Tour run by the Doge's palace was sold out so even though this was more expensive (by about 7 euro) it was worth it because there was no other way to get in when we looked at tickets!
5 stars
ET, United States
7th May 2017
Our visit to Doges Palace was one of the highlights of our Venice stay. Such an amazing history. Palace is so well preserved. Artwork and architecture were impressive.
5 stars
MH, Singapore
6th May 2017
Absolutely loved the tour and would highly recommend it!! Our guide, Diana, a Venice native, was at the appointed place on time and was very generous with her time and spent over two hours with us!! We were very lucky that we had a small group of 6 in total so it felt like a private tour. Diana gave us a fabulous tour first of the secret parts of Doge's Palace (Casanova's prison cell, the attic above the great room, secret entrances, etc). She made the whole place come alive with her stories and insights. The second part of the Palace tour includes areas open to the general public including the Bridge of Sighs. The Palace is huge and can be overwhelming to explore alone. We were very glad to have Diana pick and choose the highlights for us.
5 stars
MW, Guernsey
6th May 2017
Walked straight through the fasttrack lane to collect our tickets upon showing the printed vouchers. Fabulous place to visit and being able to go through the Bridge of Sighs.
5 stars
MR, United States
6th May 2017
Tour guide was great! So much knowledge. Very fun
5 stars
MM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th May 2017
Doge Palace is amazing.
5 stars
Keith & Rosie Oxford
30th Apr 2017
This was brilliant it really helped to get an understanding of the times and place. We were in a small tour and I find it hard to fault any part of it. The guide was fantastic and expert in the field and gave more than we could have expected.
5 stars
MN, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
24th Apr 2017
Very good guide and her information.
5 stars
TG, United States
23rd Apr 2017
It was spectacular!
5 stars
SS, United States
11th Apr 2017
Thanks to you, we were able to get right into the Palace and enjoy the visit without standing in line for a LONG time and wasting precious vacation time. Those regular ticket lines are daunting. Your directions on where to enter and what to do were helpful.
5 stars
KP, United States
10th Apr 2017
My family had a great time in the tour and the guide was very knowledgeable.
5 stars
LC, United States
3rd Apr 2017
Loved the Palace!
5 stars
KB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
31st Mar 2017
It was really good
5 stars
SP, United States
18th Mar 2017
The tour was worth the price. She guide was knowledgeable and nice

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