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Cinque Terre excursion

How to join a full day excursion from Florence to the Cinque Terre fishing ports.

A full day's trip to the magical Cinque Terre, the 5 fishing ports perched on the cliffs of Liguria. You'll explore the villages and take a stroll along the 'Path of Love' to take in the amazing Meditteranean views.

The excursion leaves Florence at 07.00 in the morning and lasts around 12 and a half hours; the tour runs from the 1st of April until around the middle of November, seven days a week.

You'll be shown around the steep hills and narrow lanes of Vernazza, and from there it's on to Monterosso, another old fishing village held to be the 'pearl' of the Cinque Terre. Here you'll have some free time to wander the village, enjoy the beach - maybe even take a swim in the crystal clear waters - and enjoy a typical Ligurian lunch (this is included in price, note).

From Monterosso it's another train back to Manarola from where you'll walk the famous 'Via dell'Amore' to the last, southernmost of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore. There is a footpath winding through all of the 5 Terre, but only this last section, the 'Path of Love', is flat and well paved. The walk is an easy one and offers some stunning views of the coast along the way - total distance is a kilometre or so.

Then it's back to La Spezia and the ride home to Florence. The tour includes all tickets (be they train, bus or boat) and you're recommended to dress comfortably (including footwear), bring swim wear and a hat for protection from the sun. This is an unforgettable tour of a place so unique and beautiful that it is an UNESCO listed and protected area.

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5 stars
JR, Mexico
11th Jul 2019
all places where great and EVA the tourist guide was a very nice person