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Siena Cathedral, Duomo

Siena Cathedral complex, 3 day pass.

The cathedral complex dominates the skyline of Siena and with this single pass you may explore the whole of it, below ground, the interiors and their history, and a final visit to on high to enjoy some simply jaw-dropping views across Siena and the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The pass covers: The Duomo di Siena (cathedral), Baptistery of San Giovanni, the cathedral crypt, the cathedral museum, the panoramic terrace of the Duomo Nuovo and the Oratory of San Bernardino. This is NOT a guided tour and does not include the rooftops of the Cathedral. To climb up to the roof spaces and enjoy some spectacular views, then please look at the Siena Duomo Pass Plus ('Gate of Heaven').

The selected date will need to be the date you visit the cathedral; the pass is valid for 3 days and you may visit the other places covered by the pass as you wish. At around Palio time, and occasionally for other periods, the price increases as the spectacular inlaid marble floors are opened for viewing - normally these are covered and hidden. You'll always be shown the full price, all inclusive, for the visit date you select.

The opening hours are as shown below. Please note that the ticket office will close 30 minutes before the cathedral closes and therefore this is the last time shown as available for booking. As a rough guide, allow a couple of hours to visit the places included in this pass.

Please note that on Sundays the cathedral is closed until 13.30.

You may visit pretty much all year round with opening hours varying according to season - your pass will be valid for three days. You'll need to begin your visit at the cathedral - duomo - (no need to queue, there is a special pickup point for those that have pre-booked), and you'll need to specify a time for that, but for the other places covered by the pass you're free to visit whenever you feel like. Children aged 6 and under enter free, those between the ages of 7 and 11 qualify for reduced price tickets, everyone else needs to pay full price.

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At a glance details:

  •     This is a full 'skip-the-queue' ticket.

  •     This pass is valid for three days.

  •     Includes access to the cathedral, crypt, baptistery, panoramic terrace, and museum.

  •     Voucher must be printed. You must print these vouchers in order to exchange them for your tickets - an email or a copy of the voucher on your phone or mobile device will not suffice.

  •     There is an access ramp to the cathedral but other areas (museum, crypt ...) have no such facility.

  •     Please remember that as this pass includes visits to religious places that you'll need to dress respectfully - to not do so risks being denied entrance.

    Siena Cathedral, Duomo

    4.8 stars out of 5 from 12 ratings. See all 9 reviews

    5 stars
    RF, Brazil
    2nd Apr 2017
    The Duomo de Siena is marvelous, inside and outside.
    5 stars
    JK, United States
    24th Sep 2016
    The ticket line was very long but I went to the Prepaid line (zero people in front of me) with my voucher and had tickets within a minute. Great time saver if ou plan ahead.
    5 stars
    CL, Canada
    8th May 2016
    Excellente experience
    5 stars
    HK, United States
    19th Jul 2015
    Beautiful church
    5 stars
    Antalyaman, Turkey
    8th Jun 2014
    The Duomo visit was fascinating in itself, but the added visits to the museum, the crypt and the baptistry made it a great morning. An added bonus was the view from the top of the museum roof. Pity the staff in the baptistry seemed to resent tourists!
    5 stars
    EP, United States
    4th May 2014
    Wonderful visit; tickitaly was very helpful and easy to use