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Customer reviews for: Siena Cathedral, Duomo

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4.8 out of 5 stars from 13 customers. 9 of them wrote reviews:

5 stars
RF, Brazil
2nd Apr 2017
The Duomo de Siena is marvelous, inside and outside.
5 stars
JK, United States
24th Sep 2016
The ticket line was very long but I went to the Prepaid line (zero people in front of me) with my voucher and had tickets within a minute. Great time saver if ou plan ahead.
5 stars
CL, Canada
8th May 2016
Excellente experience
5 stars
HK, United States
19th Jul 2015
Beautiful church
5 stars
Antalyaman, Turkey
8th Jun 2014
The Duomo visit was fascinating in itself, but the added visits to the museum, the crypt and the baptistry made it a great morning. An added bonus was the view from the top of the museum roof. Pity the staff in the baptistry seemed to resent tourists!
5 stars
EP, United States
4th May 2014
Wonderful visit; tickitaly was very helpful and easy to use
4 stars
AM, United States
30th Aug 2017
It was fine except that the print out of our tickets booked through tickitaly have to be exchanged for Duomo admission tickets which I was unaware of until I arrived on site.
4 stars
AP, United States
4th Sep 2016
Siena Duomo is a beautiful church. The architecture is amazing. A little crowded (as expected) but very well organized.
4 stars
PM, United States
13th Sep 2015
It was a great experience, and the tickets definitely helped bypass the longer lines.

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