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Information and ticket reservation for gondola trips, Venice, Italy

Ask anyone to close their eyes and imagine Venice and it's pretty much a given that they'll be seeing a gondola gliding under a bridge over the Grand Canal. There's the carnival, the masks, the Doge's Palace, St Marks square, the list goes on, but it's surely the gondola (and gondolier) that has becoming the defining image of Venice.

There is simply no better way to experience the essence of Venice than a ride in a gondola; the colours, the captivating light, the amazing buildings and architecture - there can be no finer opportunity to let all of this soak into your soul than being punted along the magical waterways of this beguiling city. There will never be more than six of you in a gondola, and it follows that you may well be sharing with other people ... this then is an intimate insight into this most veiled of cities, a chance to live as the Venetians have done for more than a thousand years.
Should you be interested in a longer - and private - outing by gondola, we also offer a one hour guided tour.


To reserve your tickets for a Venice gondola excursion, just fill out the booking form, supply us with credit card details, and we'll do the rest. There will be no charge whatsoever until we confirm your reservation. We'll then point you to our secure page, where you can print out your entry voucher. Print it out, take it with you and present it at the pre-arranged meeting point. As simple as that!

3.9 stars out of 5 from 37 ratings. See all 19 reviews

5 stars
TH, United States
20th Jun 2018
It was beyond our expectations. We had only 2 others with us and was one highlight of the trip. The location was central & easy to find.
5 stars
LV, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Oct 2017
Just beautiful
5 stars
JM, Australia
30th Apr 2017
We really LOVED tickitaly tours/ site entries. We also use this site to book train tickets throughout Italy! Thankyou for a brilliant service!
5 stars
RB, Canada
28th Jul 2015
Our visit was excellent, and how to get there was very well explained.
5 stars
RR, United States
27th May 2015
We loved the gondola tour, the directions to the pickup point was extremely helpful, and the guide was right where she was supposed to be and helped us enjoy a beautiful day.
5 stars
JD, Australia
28th Mar 2015
This was fun. The gondola was shared with four others, which was not a problem. Our gondolier took a slightly different route from the others which meant that we were not in a long procession of gondolas- much appreciated. Recommended.