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Below is a (far from exhaustive) selection of reviews and comments on tickitaly.com. We also have a page showing comments from customers who have used us in the past.

Just some of many mentions on tripadvisor.com:

"I booked on this website this week. I heard back from them within 3 days and everything looks great. I got all the venues that I requested including the Uffizi and the Accademia. Seemed up and up and professional. I printed my ticket vouchers and we shall see. Might want to choose the flexible time option to increase your chances of getting at least the day you request. Good luck!"

"I used them for Venice tickets in March and they were wonderful, in case we hadn't got the email tickets they faxed copies to our hotel (we didn't ask for this, they did it off their own initiative as we were a last minute booking).
Wonderful service, from english speaking personnel, I will use them again in August for our visit to Florence. I would reccommend them to anyone."

"I used tickitaly twice on my honeymoon to Italy and both events were just fine. They are not the most organized group, but they delivered everything exactly they way they described.
We used them to get advanced tickets to the Vatican Museum and the tour of the City. Getting advance tickets to this is MANDATORY! No matter who you buy them from. If not you will be standing in one of the longest lines I have ever seen."

"Florence and the Arts: The Uffizi Gallery and the Galeria dell' Accademia are two of the world's most important museums. Unfortunately, it is possible to spend the better part of a day in line for tickets. Online purchases are available for each place." (Linking to us)

"Today was Uffizi Gallery day. This is the best Italy tip I can give you if you don't like lines. Use TickItaly.com before you leave the States and get your tickets in advance to any important site. It costs more, but what is your time worth here? Especially in high season you can wait up to five hours in line to get into the Uffizi. Also, make your reservation for 8:15 a.m., the first time you can request, because as the day wears on it gets more and more crowded. No surprise there."

"I made reservations for both of these online at tickitaly.com. They actually gave me a reservation time so we didn't have to stand in the long lines. It worked beautifully. This might be the way for you to go since you are on a limited time schedule.

BUT YOU MUST SEE DAVID! He is absolutely magnificent! :-)"

"The site that we use and recommend to friends is tickitaly.com, great for booking at many attractions in assorted cities."

"This (Borghese Gallery) is an extremely popular art museum and reservations are required. We reserved and bought our tickets through Tickitaly (www.tickitaly.com) before we left on vacation. Three tickets, reservation fee, and the fee from the company was €42 or €14 each.

It was a good thing we reserved because when we arrived on Sunday for our reservation, they had a sign indicating no more tickets were available until Tuesday. Tickets for the Galleria Borghese have to be reserved for a specific two hour time slot. They are very rigid about entry and sweep you out at the end of the two hours."

"Two nights in Florence (approx 3 hours by train from Venice) was enough to see the baptistery, the Uffizi (prebooked tour through tickitaly.com - good tour guide!), the Academy, and the Archaeological Museum (which we literally had all to ourselves!) and a short visit to he Boboli gardens."

"Oh, yah, we also did a Tickitaly tour of the Vatican - nothing wrong with the tour itself, but the Vatican was soooo crowded I wish I had skipped the Vatican. In my opinion, the Sistine chapel is highly overrated compared to some of the stuff we had already seen in Venice and Florence and it was too crowded to be enjoyed."

"Tickets: Book practically any event or museum in Italy."

"I used tickitaly.com to buy tickets to the Colosseum and also to the Uffizi Gallery and Academia in Florence and I was glad I did it! There were very long lines at all 3 places and we got to walk right past all of them to the front and go right in. We had to wait 5 or 10 minutes to get in at the Uffizi Gallery because there were assigned times on our tickets, but we were placed at the front of the line and were allowed to go in ahead of everyone else."

"I had no problem using them and have even recommended them to other people. I say go for it... you won't regret it."

"We used them for several sets of 4 tickets. No problems at all."

Linked to on a long and interesting piece about the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

"When in Rome you must see St Peter's and the Sistine Chapel (Vatican Museums, £17), and tour the Colosseum (£19, www.tickitaly.com)."

"I booked tickets up on the net only a day before we arrived in Milan through Tickitaly , as I thought it was my third trip to the city and I should really make the effort. Also I was taking my fiance for the first time. I paid over the top for the tickets at 15 Euros each, (normal price on the day 8.5 euros) but at least I got the chance to take a look at the masterpiece." The Last Supper, Milan

"I agree with the first answer. If I were you I would only spend a day in Chinqueterre and 3 days in Florence. The Uffizi can take a day alone. Below is a link to book tickets."

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