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5 stars
SH, United States
6th Feb 2023
Mr. Alfredo was a fantastic host and guide. My family learned a great deal, which made the impact of visiting Vatican City even more meaningful. He was wonderful at assessing what my children were interesting in and had the energy for and created a tour that fit us perfectly. Thank you!
5 stars
AS, United States
19th Jan 2023
The Vatican tour was great! Our guide was so knowledgeable and really was able to explain what we where looking at.
5 stars
RS, Canada
17th Jan 2023
The 3 hr Vatican tour was perfect. Alfreddo was the perfect guide. He was very knowledgeable and dealt with such a huge tour in a great manner. 3hrs is a good length, any longer and it’s just tiring. I’m going to tell my friends coming to Rome to book the private tour with TickItaly and ask for Mr Alfreddo as their guide.
5 stars
LH, Ireland
27th Nov 2022
The Vatican city guided tour was amazing our tour guide Jo was very knowledgeable.
5 stars
DR, United States
26th Sep 2022
Very good visit and the company gave us a great guide
5 stars
RW, United States
3rd Jun 2022
Our guide was amazing and full of fun, informative history. She had so much passion for the Vatican.
5 stars
MK, United States
25th May 2022
Excellent tour guide.
5 stars
KC, United States
16th May 2022
really a great tour. The tour guide really was engaging and kept us entertained and educated for the 5 hours. A few suggestions, I would enter the Sistine Chapel ahead of the museum to beat the crowd. I had done this on a prior tour and make the Sistine so much more enjoyable. Otherwise, excellent.
5 stars
VV, Oman
13th May 2022
Guide was very friendly and responsible person. She explained everything and its easy to understand. Good in english.
5 stars
AS, United States
27th Apr 2022
Marco was fantastic, a very informative, easy paced tour. What a perfect experience in learning all the rich history of the Vatican city.
5 stars
VA, United States
1st Jul 2021
Our tour guide, Rita was phenomenal. So knowledgeable and personable. I really got a lot out of the tour.
5 stars
ES, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Sep 2020
We absolutely loved it! We were so glad that we decided to spend money on having a private tour as it really made the whole experience so much more special. Deborah, our guide, was lovely and very knowledgeable. She was happy to ask all of our questions and explained everything in fantastic detail - really bringing everything to life and letting us take as long as we needed to look at anything in more detail, especially the Sistine Chapel! We were very 'lucky' because of Covid that the museum at St Peter's were virtually empty, it felt very luxurious to be able to wander around without being in a huge crowd. I would definitely book this again - I wish we could have spent all day there!!
5 stars
IL, United States
25th Nov 2019
The tour was awesome and our guide was very knowledgeable.
5 stars
TC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Nov 2019
Great tour and Franco was a very humorous and knowledgeable guide
5 stars
CK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Oct 2019
Excellent tour guide (Valentina), very friendly and informative. The information imparted enhanced the experience of the Vatican and the Sistine chapel. Learnt a lot and would highly recommend.
5 stars
SK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Oct 2019
Debora was an amazing guide.
5 stars
DF, Malta
24th Sep 2019
Really enjoyed it. Marina our guide was amazing, her knowlegde really impressed us. Totally Recommend TickItaly
5 stars
DO, United States
16th Aug 2019
Our experience with Ticketitaly was great. We skipped the extremely ridiculous long line to get in!! Our Guide Deborah was simply a beautiful woman with so much knowledge of the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica as well as Rome itself! We truly enjoyed our visit.
5 stars
AN, United States
7th Jul 2019
Maria Grazia was extremely informative and enthusiastic. Strongly recommend this tour
5 stars
ELizabeth Casaes, Brazil
7th Jul 2019
Our guide was super nice! The only problem was that it was so Full! If you are planning to visit Italy try to do not go on summer!

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