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5 stars
AN, United States
7th Jul 2019
Maria Grazia was extremely informative and enthusiastic. Strongly recommend this tour
5 stars
ELizabeth Casaes, Brazil
7th Jul 2019
Our guide was super nice! The only problem was that it was so Full! If you are planning to visit Italy try to do not go on summer!
5 stars
JC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
25th Jun 2019
Excellent and very informative
5 stars
SK, India
24th Jun 2019
Elaine was our tour guide. She was incredibly knowledgable, engaging, and humorous. Having her show us around really helped us understand the history behind the Vatican as well as the narratives that underlie the art and architecture. The early morning priority entrance was a breeze and there wasnt much of a crowd. All in all, a wonderful experience!
5 stars
PM, United States
22nd Jun 2019
Guide was great.
5 stars
MA, United States
11th Jun 2019
What a great guided tour!
5 stars
AR, United States
5th Jun 2019
Our tour guide was the best! She had so much knowledge and was very friendly and helpful.
5 stars
ID, United States
31st May 2019
It was an excellent tour, well organized. Our tour guide, Sara, was very knowledgeable, pleasant and made our 3 hour tour very interesting and educational. I highly recommend it!
5 stars
DH, United States
10th May 2019
Excellent guide and tour. I think her name was Alexandra. The tour guide improved our visit to the Vatican immensely! I did originally purchase tickets for the garden tour but we had a 1 year old with us. Your site didn’t tell me that there was a minimum age requirement for the bus garden tour and our tickets had to be exchanged. Your fantastic employees caught the error, but it would have been wildly disappointing to show up for the bus tour and find out we couldn’t go in.
5 stars
AC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
7th May 2019
This tour was brilliant. Our tour guide Sarah was so enthusiastic and highly organised. She got us to the two most important sites as quickly as possible so we saw the Raphael and Sistine Chapel with few other people around and she explained things clearly and gave us time to enjoy things. A really awesome tour.
5 stars
PB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th May 2019
Our guide was outstanding I cannot say enough how special Patrizia made it for us
5 stars
Mel Reis
30th Apr 2019
Guide: Enza Broccoli was excellent!
5 stars
JJ, United States
25th Apr 2019
Especialy St. Peter's Basilica.
5 stars
AM, United States
23rd Apr 2019
Our guide was so thoughtful and very patient with our 5 year old son! Thank you for a wonderful experience!
5 stars
MC, Australia
13th Apr 2019
The tour was superb, our guide Elaine Adams was fantastic & provided us with some very interesting details we’d never have got from an recorded guide. We were enthralled & loved the experience.
5 stars
SN, Australia
11th Apr 2019
Everything was great. Quick to get in without lining up for ages. Early time slot meant that we were not in peak of al the tourists. Our guide was very informative and well worth the money spent on tour.
5 stars
GB, Sweden
9th Apr 2019
Good guide. Everything was ok
5 stars
JD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Mar 2019
Super Ami - what a fabulous and knowledgable lady. Kept us enthralled with all she had to tell us. She made sense of everything / so rather than us just looking and thinking wow, Ami explained how/why/who etc every step of the way. Would definitely recommend this company and Ami - super super tour thank you!
5 stars
JR, United States
14th Mar 2019
Maria was beyond amazing. She was VERY knowledgeable about the art work, Vatican Museum, and St. Peter’s. She was so pleasant to guide us around the area. And she knew exactly what the background of each piece of art was and knew precisely where to go. At the beginning of the tour, she gave us a 20 minute introduction of what we would be seeing and prioritized our tour for the selections we wanted to focus on. She is a true professional in every way! I would recommend her to anyone and will request her next time we visit. All our best, Judy & Dan Rowley
5 stars
DJ, New Zealand
9th Mar 2019
Our guide Livia was very good. A local Roman with lots of knowledge. Staggering amount of history

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