The Palazzo Ducale - Doge's Palace.

The 'Secret Itineraries' tour is one of Venice's most popular tours, regularly sold-out months in advance.
“This was a great tour.

Not only did we visit the regular Palace tour, we were able to visit other areas that were attainable only on the secret tour. Recommend to all visiting Venice”.
“Very much enjoyed this experience, the groups are limited in size and the guide was excellent. Make sure you book the tickets before you arrive in Venice”.

CW, Great Britain.

Palazzo Ducale.

‘Secret Itineraries’ guided tour.


Customer reviews for: Venice Doge's Palace 'secret tour' tickets (1h)

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4.6 out of 5 stars from 190 customers. 126 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
EP, United States
27th Mar 2016
Excellent guide and very enjoyable tour.
5 stars
JH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Mar 2016
What a great tour! Although I have been many times to Venice I have never gone on a tour . Our guide was brilliant, funny, approachable and friendly. We arrived 30 minutes early but went straight to the front of the very huge queue and got our tour tickets. We had that time to have a look around before joining our group. It wasn't a huge group which was great around 12. The tour took us around the back and above the palace. It was so informative. We had free time afterwards to explore the rest of the palace. I would certainly recommend this tour .
5 stars
CW, United States
12th Mar 2016
Great tour, I would highly reccomend this tour for those wanting a smaller group. Great information and a behind the scenes look at life in the Doge's palace.
5 stars
JJ, United States
8th Mar 2016
We had a Great Time in Venice and the Doge's Palace secret tour was very interesting. We really enjoyed it and the guide was Great!
5 stars
ED, United States
3rd Mar 2016
Very enjoyable tour! The best way to see the Doge's Palace.
5 stars
VF, United States
27th Feb 2016
Great tour. Very informative.
5 stars
PF, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
27th Feb 2016
Very good guide - right length and very interesting.
5 stars
TE, United States
23rd Feb 2016
Fun tour with a great guide who was easy to understand. Good group size too with just about 15 people. Easy to hear and follow. Very interesting tour, but would have liked for it to be a tad bit longer but I understand why it wasn't. The on our own parts of the Palace were quite crowded. The private tour areas were just us though, so made for a very nice experience!
5 stars
RH, Australia
10th Feb 2016
We had the best guide and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Thank you.
5 stars
CS, United States
3rd Feb 2016
This was a wonderful tour and very informative, I highly recommend it!!!
5 stars
KS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2nd Feb 2016
Brilliant visit, well worth paying for
5 stars
MM, Switzerland
25th Jan 2016
It was very good, it was in french and our guide was really good. I injoy the visit secret tour
5 stars
GS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
24th Jan 2016
The visit around the "back stage" areas of the Doge's palace was fascinating. The guide was delightful and was clear in her speech. She did have to ask some other visitors not to interpret while she was speaking, but that was good for the rest of us. The palace itself is astonishing.
5 stars
WC, United States
23rd Jan 2016
Your was great. There really isn't anything you could have done better.
5 stars
LM, United States
2nd Jan 2016
Tour was amazing. I loved getting to see and hear about the background of the palace. It was a unique and enjoyable experience.
5 stars
KB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
26th Dec 2015
Excellent tour. Well worth the money.
5 stars
AV, Germany
27th Oct 2015
The tour was very informative, and well worth the money. If you have a chance to go do not miss it!
5 stars
PG, United States
5th Sep 2015
great tour and a great guide
5 stars
JR, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
30th Aug 2015
Very interesting tour with very informative guide
5 stars
MT, Canada
27th Aug 2015
The secret tour was extremely interesting. Having visited the Doge's Palace a few years ago, I really appreciated seeing a different aspect of it with the tour. And our guide was very knowledgable and charming!

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