A three-hour, English-language, official guided tour.

Your expert tour guide will provide a full insight into the treasures of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica.
“The tour was fabulous and very well organised. The knowledge of the guide was exceptional, being a small group the guide (Sarah) spent time explaining things on an individual basis. Five star experience.”

JG, United Kingdom.
“This was an amazing tour. Our guide was wonderful. I loved every moment & the sights are so worth the visit. I would not recommend going through these historic sites without a tour guide!”.

ZN, United States.

The Vatican,
3 hour tour

A small-group tour.
Vatican Museums, St Peter's & Sistine Chapel.


Customer reviews for: Vatican Tour, with Sistine Chapel & St Peter's - 3 hours

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4.5 out of 5 stars from 55 customers. 44 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
BS, Finland
6th May 2018
The guided tour was excellent, especially Rafaela!
5 stars
NK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
30th Apr 2018
Very knowledgeable guide but Vatican very busy which is outside your control
5 stars
DB, Australia
25th Apr 2018
Julia was a very informative guide.
5 stars
CM, United States
25th Apr 2018
Giulia was a great tour guide! She was so knowledgeable and so friendly to all guests.
5 stars
LC, United States
24th Apr 2018
Guide was very knowledgeable and her English was great!
5 stars
VG, United States
6th Apr 2018
Very good tour! The tour guide was very knowledgable and provided us with a wonderful tour.
5 stars
MW, United States
30th Mar 2018
Our guide was funny, very knowledgeable, and helped to make our tour even more amazing!
5 stars
SZ, United States
24th Mar 2018
The guide for the Sistine Chapel was incredible. So knowledgable, able to navigate the crowds, and very helpful.
5 stars
JJ, United States
23rd Mar 2018
Tour guide was awesome and it was great to be in a small group! Great to skip the line also!
5 stars
JJ, United States
16th Mar 2018
Wow! A great, personalized tour. It was great to be in a small group - and the tour guide knew everything!!
5 stars
ZN, United States
11th Mar 2018
This was an amazing tour. Our guide was wonderful. I loved every moment & the sights are so worth the visit. I would not recommend going through these historic sites without a tour guide!
5 stars
BB, United Arab Emirates
21st Feb 2018
My family enjoyed the tour, our tour guide Rafiella was amazing and so full of information...it was wonderful.
5 stars
BD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Feb 2018
Be prepared for it been extremely busy and very warm in some aspects of the museums
4 stars
MC, Mexico
5th Jun 2019
The tour was great. The original guide was no able to make the tour but immediately the company solved the problem, we just had to wait like half an hour to join to another's group. The guide Yanuna had understandable english pronunciation and good knowledge about the museums.
4 stars
KC, United States
14th May 2019
Our guide, Enza was fantastic! She was knowledgable without overwhelming us with too much information. She kept us going in absolutely horrible conditions (overcrowding, 90 degree temps, long lines and a detour that added at least another 30 minutes onto our already long tour.)
4 stars
ST, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
25th Jan 2019
It was a blisteringly hot day when we went and 50% of people were wearing shorts with us in long trousers. Everyone got into Vatican and Sistene Chapel regardless of information sent, stating long trousers were compulsory. Wish we’d worn shorts as it is very hot inside Vatican in all but a few rooms. It was about 35C mind you. Other than that it was a great 3 hours.
4 stars
CB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
13th Oct 2018
I really liked the guide. It was very informative & her knowledge of art was lovely
4 stars
TM, United States
17th Jul 2018
The host and tour was very good. The crowds at Vatican City is limiting at times.
4 stars
SC, United States
30th Mar 2018
Superb tour with great guide!! Only draw back was the crowd size at the Vatican. It made it hard to even move at points. Our tour guide did the best she could to keep us moving through the crowd.
4 stars
3rd Feb 2018
Great tour guide. The Vatican was beautiful. Too bad it was so crowded.

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