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Customer reviews for: Domus Aurea guided tour (includes e-book guide)

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4.8 out of 5 stars from 162 customers. 115 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
SH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Dec 2018
Well led tour. VR experience was even better second time around.
5 stars
JO, United States
26th Nov 2018
We really enjoyed the underground Domus Aurea tour and the e-book guide. The highlight for us was the 3D virtual reality re-creation of the room we were sitting in. Amazing experience!
5 stars
Marco, US
26th Nov 2018
This is a stunning tour, with Federica an outstanding, energetic, knowledgeable guide.
5 stars
WK, United States
8th Nov 2018
Very good
5 stars
AB, United States
14th Oct 2018
Most amazing tour. I have traveled a lot but this is the first time I have seen VR incorporated into a tour. Awesome!
5 stars
JK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15th Sep 2018
Very interesting site and our guide was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The 3D reconstruction was amazing we really enjoyed your tour thank you
5 stars
MP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th Sep 2018
I visited the Domus in 2015 when it was fairly recently opened and there were no visual aids. This time the tour was massively improved by the introductory video and the terrific virtual reality experience which really brought this amazing palace to life. It is now an unmissable stop on the Rome tour.
5 stars
EF, Canada
26th Aug 2018
I really enjoyed my visit. I didn’t know too much about the Domus until recently. The guide was very knowledgeable. I really liked the virtual reality part of the tour!
5 stars
MH, United States
17th Aug 2018
One of the best tours available in Rome! Thrilling to be able to enter an archeological site and then to see the VR of the Domus. The video at the entrance is new and worth the stop to see the history of the site.
5 stars
PJ, Germany
14th Aug 2018
GREAT!!! But the price locally only 14,50 € ????!!!!
5 stars
BH, Australia
23rd Jul 2018
Informative and enjoyable. The virtual reality really helped to give a proper picture and experience. Gracie mille.
5 stars
KL, France
18th Jun 2018
A fascinating tour
5 stars
20th May 2018
Fantastic. Excellent presentation. Great guide, everything ok.
5 stars
SS, United States
10th May 2018
We loved the tour, and hope to bring our students again next year. What a privilege to be able to see the excavations.
5 stars
JJ, United States
9th Apr 2018
Enjoyed very much
5 stars
HB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3rd Apr 2018
Outstanding in every way. Extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide, care over safety, punctual
5 stars
LP, United States
26th Mar 2018
Everything worked smoothly with the ticket voucher, and the visit was great.
5 stars
MW, Australia
15th Mar 2018
excellent, one of the best archaeological sites/tours in Europe
5 stars
BD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15th Mar 2018
Fantastic visit. Well-informed and enthusiastic guide. Brilliant virtual-reality experience. Glad we were warned of cool temperature!
5 stars
LK, United States
8th Mar 2018
Maybe a little one or two page flyer retelling many of the things the guide mentioned to make it easier to tell friends what we saw, and giving instructions for friends to schedule tours. Thanks.

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