An offical guided tour of the ongoing restoration works of Nero's 'Golden House', the Domus Aurea of Ancient Rome.
“Very interesting site and our guide was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The 3D reconstruction was amazing we really enjoyed your tour thank you!”

JK, United Kingdom.
“One of the best tours available in Rome! Thrilling to be able to enter an archeological site and then to see the VR of the Domus. The video at the entrance is new and worth the stop to see the history of the site.”

MH, United States.

Domus Aurea.

Official guided tours.


Customer reviews for: Domus Aurea guided tour (includes e-book guide)

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4.7 out of 5 stars from 216 customers. 158 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
LP, United States
9th Apr 2019
I have visited the Domus Aurea on several occasions by booking thru tickitaly. The tour guides are very informative and, the e-book is great. Best to read before you tour to enhance the experience.
5 stars
CM, United States
7th Apr 2019
Excellent guide, interesting site--we enjoyed this visit a lot.
5 stars
Lesley R, United States
25th Mar 2019
The Domus Aurea is very special - I took the tour in Italian and the guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable. There is a really great Virtual Reality part of the tour that shows you the structure and the view of Rome as it was 2,000 years ago. They have done an amazing job excavating and preserving areas for future archaeologists. Well done everyone. Grazie infinite.
5 stars
SD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
19th Mar 2019
Excellent guide. Looking foreward to a return visit!
5 stars
MG, United States
14th Mar 2019
This is a fantastic tour. We especially appreciated that tour groups are limited, and don't overlap each other. The virtual reality enactment was spectacular, and I wish it could be longer. It was a highlight of our trip to Italy. Thanks!
5 stars
MK, United States
11th Mar 2019
Excellent tour and guide!
5 stars
DB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Mar 2019
A lesser known venue but one not to me missed.
5 stars
CN, United States
2nd Mar 2019
Our guide was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly
5 stars
JW, United States
2nd Mar 2019
Excellent guide, stunning site, wonderful virtual reality show. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome.
5 stars
B.M., United States
13th Feb 2019
The guide was just fabulous. Very knowledgeable and very interesting.
5 stars
SP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3rd Feb 2019
The tour guide was excellent. We have visited the Domus Aurea before but did not clearly understand its design. Your tour guide explained everything very well. Please pass on our thanks.
5 stars
JS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3rd Feb 2019
Just one small thing, there was no literature to purchase which would have been appreciated. Also no access to an "e-book guide", could this be made available retrospectively please?
5 stars
RD, Australia
15th Jan 2019
Fantastic visit, full of great information and fascinsting
5 stars
TG, United States
7th Jan 2019
The visit was super! A knowledgeable, passionate guide added to our experience...3D virtual imaging presentation was so helpful to understanding the way it was...
5 stars
SH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Dec 2018
Well led tour. VR experience was even better second time around.
5 stars
JO, United States
26th Nov 2018
We really enjoyed the underground Domus Aurea tour and the e-book guide. The highlight for us was the 3D virtual reality re-creation of the room we were sitting in. Amazing experience!
5 stars
Marco, US
26th Nov 2018
This is a stunning tour, with Federica an outstanding, energetic, knowledgeable guide.
5 stars
WK, United States
8th Nov 2018
Very good
5 stars
AB, United States
14th Oct 2018
Most amazing tour. I have traveled a lot but this is the first time I have seen VR incorporated into a tour. Awesome!
5 stars
KR, United States
8th Oct 2018
This tour was was on my "bucket list," and it did not disappoint. Our guide, Claudia, was expert in her knowledge of the Domus and all aspects of the art uncovered as well as the art restoration projects currently underway. Please note, ticket availability is limited, and so securing your access well ahead of time is essential. I look forward to visiting again, just to see how much more has been discovered. A wonderful Rome experience that isn't crowded with tourists.

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