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4.5 out of 5 stars from 41 customers. 37 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
JKWLuvtoTravel, United States
18th Jun 2016
We did the Vasarai Corridor 90 min tour that started at the Uffizi and ended in Boboli Gardens. Great tour in Florence! You cannot get in on your own and it is a must-see piece of history to experience and learn about. Perfect amount of time with kids so they don't lose interest. Found this more interesting than looking at sculptures at the Accademia or artwork at the Uffizi. The Vasari Corridor will be closed to public starting Nov 2016 for a year and half, so get in now b/c you don't know if they will open back to public as planned in the future. Tour guide was excellent - english was easy to understand.
5 stars
MN, Russian Federation
6th Mar 2016
I'm very enjoyed of my visit.
5 stars
BF, Canada
20th Feb 2016
We enjoyed our tour immensely....I have wanted to "walk in the footsteps of the Medici," for 15 years, and finally was able to follow Cosimo from the Ufficci to his home in the Pitti Palace. Great tour.
5 stars
MM, United States
6th Feb 2016
It was very interesting and very special to be able to walk through so much of the Corridor. Our guide was most informative and pointed out many important portraits that I would have missed otherwise.
5 stars
HM, Canada
30th Dec 2015
It was very nice! Memorable
5 stars
KG, Hungary
21st Oct 2015
We loved the Vasari corridor tour. It started on time, the meeting point was easy to find, our group had a modest size, and our tour leader was absolutely awesome. he told us a lot of additional stories that were both funny and interesting, and had a link to paintings or the history of the corridor. His English was perfect, both in terms of grammar and pronunciation, so we were absolutely happy with him. Thank you for the experience!The tour length is not 2 hours, we finished in a little more than an hour, and we didn't rush at all.
5 stars
FF, United States
21st Aug 2015
very nice ..quick and precise with lots of information..it was our only tour in firenze and was just enough...the corridor itself is the most interesting..the self portraits ..not so much
5 stars
DJ, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Aug 2015
Great tour, very interesting. Might be a good idea to include entry to the Palazzo Pitti and include the last section of the Vasari corridor.
[Tickitaly responds: Thanks for your feedback! In the future more tours will be added online and maybe one will include Palazzo Pitti entrance too :) Thanks!].
5 stars
Mary D, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11th Aug 2015
Utterly superb. Our guide was amazing - very knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic and made sure she addressed our particular interests. Completely brilliant - highlight of our trip to Italy.
5 stars
TT, United States
6th Aug 2015
Guide made the tour very enjoyable and informative
5 stars
JN, Australia
19th May 2015
We loved the tour and felt very privileged to do it. You should stress to people with back packs to stay well clear of the paintings.
5 stars
RM, Sri Lanka
12th May 2015
The Vasari Corridor tour was absolutely wonderful! The guide was also really good and having bought these tickets from TickItaly really helped us. You have given all necessary information in your details and this is a very special and unique experience!
5 stars
MA, Brazil
7th May 2015
I love
5 stars
SA, United States
18th Jan 2015
We enjoyed walking in the steps of the Medici. Our guide was extremely knowledgable and shared a wealth of information as we took the tour. Thank you!
5 stars
LS, United States
28th Dec 2014
So glad we did this tour! Such an interesting place to visit. Our guide was terrific and very informative.
5 stars
SS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Dec 2014
The visit was excellent. The tour was very well organised with the meeting point very easy to find, and the tour guide was excellent. We'd definitely use this service again!
5 stars
MS, United States
8th Oct 2014
5 to 10 minutes about the Boboli garden would have been a better ending
5 stars
GH, United States
30th Sep 2014
Giovanni was a terrific tour director, entertaining and informed. We proceeded swiftly, but always with enough time to appreciate and learn about particular works on display.
5 stars
SK, Egypt
24th Sep 2014
This tour is highly recommended. You get to see some artworks that aren't normally displayed in the Uffizi. Also, you get to walk the nearly 1 km corridor used by the Medici to avoid walking in the streets and to have a bird's eye view of the city. You join the tour outside the Uffizi in the location specified in the booking voucher and you are led as a group till the Corridor entrance.
5 stars
MJ, United States
13th Jun 2014
Everything was perfect. From the guides who greeted us outside the site entrance, to the guide who took us through the Vasari Corridor to the tour and information itself. The other tourists were an interesting group who shared my curiosity and wonder. A perfect experience, especially as I had a limited time in Florence. I will book again with Tickitaly when I return to this wonderful country.

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