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4.5 out of 5 stars from 41 customers. 37 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
KC, Australia
8th Jun 2014
The tour was great, the guide was excellent and made the tour really interesting with her in-depth knowledge. We rated this tour as one of the best.
5 stars
DW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1st Jun 2014
it was really interesting and the guide was lively and entertaining as well as very knowledgeable
5 stars
GC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
29th May 2014
It was a wonderful experience. Loved the fact that it is still being added to with modern artists. What would have enhanced it would have been the ability to highlight particular artists beforehand so the guide could have pointed them out. We were interested in female artists of the renaissance. The guide was very informative and we learnt a lot about Florence as well. We would have liked an additional 30 minutes as there was a lot to see. I tried to find which artists were represented before we went but could not find an inventory - is there one? The only negative were a group of 4 younger people who talked amongst themselves and over the guide in their own language (not sure what it was!)
5 stars
JA, Australia
19th Apr 2014
5 stars
CB, Brazil
10th Apr 2014
The guide tour was very good, we just don't understand why this place are so restrict.
5 stars
RG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Jan 2014
excellent tour
4 stars
NB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3rd Oct 2016
We enjoyed it very much; the only issue was the attitude of the Uffizi security people to someone who had some disability issues, not anything to do with tickitaly.
4 stars
CU, Germany
21st Jul 2015
completely ok
4 stars
SS, United States
10th May 2015
Tour was well organized, started on time.
4 stars
JB, South Africa
5th Jul 2014
The guide was well informed, fluent in English, had a good sense of humor and it was an altogether pleasant and unique experience.
4 stars
LC, Australia
6th Mar 2014
Did not really understand what I had booked but then found out this hidden corridor has the worlds largest collection of self portraits. Tour guide was excellent but tour too quick would have like more time to take it all in.
2 stars
EW, United States
13th Jan 2016
The meeting place for the tour was on a sidewalk. We had been instructed to arrive 15 minutes early. Because it was quite cold, this was very uncomfortable 15+ minutes. As the time approached to begin the tour it started raining, yet the guide refused to walk 100 feet up the street so we could be under the cover of the Uffizi loggia until several of us pointed out the it was past time for the tour to begin. We made our way inside, through security and up to the main gallery level. We were finally introduced to our guide. The tour of the Vasari Corridor was very disappointing. The guide made no real attempt provide any context for what we were seeing. She never even explained who Vasari was or why he was important. As we moved through the collection, she picked out random portraits--she seemed to like portraits of women artists--without making any attempt to tie this together or tell a story or even highlight the most important artists. The Corridor was freezing cold, there was not one opportunity to sit down in over an hour of walking on marble floors and, luckily in for our group, no one needed a bathroom break. I understand that the guide does not control any of these physical factors, but it would have been a good idea to inform the group ahead of time, offer a bathroom break before entering the Corridor--and not add to the physical strain by building-in a wait outside in the rain before the tour began.
1 stars
JD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
27th Apr 2015
Guide excellent. Informative and personable.
1 stars
CW, Canada
26th Jun 2014
While the corridor itself is neat to see and has an amazing history, it is not a beautiful thing in itself, and the tour guide was very average in bringing the history of the time to life.
LS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th Oct 2015
FABULOUS! Amazing and memorable. Well worth it.
DT, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
21st Aug 2015
It was very enjoyable, especially for art lovers. It was the highlight of our holiday.
AV, Netherlands
23rd May 2014
This is a magnificent tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. It was worth every penny.

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