Pisa, the
Leaning Tower.

Official reserved entrance tickets.

Choose your time, go directly to the tower, ignore any queues at ticket desk, and enjoy a 30 minute reserved visit to climb the famous monument!
“Excellent visit. Followed instructions to bag drop off then straight to wait at the tower at our time slot. 15 minutes then our turn. Stunning experience eased by simple timed tickets. Many thanks”

DS, United Kingdom
“Chance of a lifetime to climb the tower. Getting these tickets allowed us to get straight in line. No waiting for tickets. No hassle. Saving precious moments when you are on vacation.”

DC, Canada
“Fabulous climb, and not as difficult as I thought at the outset. Do remember that because the tower leans in places it is easy to climb the stairs and equally where it leans in the 'wrong' direction the treads are steeper. Worth the climb though. Don't forget to drop your bags at the free baggage stop.” LM, United Kingdom

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5 stars
CN, Canada
25th Aug 2019
Pisa tower was amazing
5 stars
EP, New Zealand
17th Aug 2019
We enjoyed our visit. We needed a slot that fitted in with hotel checkout and the train journey and the departure from pisa airport. It was tight but we managed to fit the tower in thanks to your site.
5 stars
SF, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
7th Aug 2019
Loved the fast track service
5 stars
RW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th Aug 2019
Excellent trip to Pisa. The electronic ticket on my phone made things very easy. Prior to our trip my email questions we answered promptly.
5 stars
SK, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Jul 2019
Visit to the Leaning Tower was spectacular and climbing to the top was memorable. Obtaining ‘Beat the line tickets ‘ from Tickitaly to avoid queueing on the day made the event so much less stressful, especially in very high temperatures.
5 stars
PP, Mexico
15th Jul 2019
We got inside as soon as we got there, skipped everyone
5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th Jul 2019
5 stars
NT, Bulgaria
6th Jul 2019
It was perfect!
5 stars
AL, Israel
22nd Jun 2019
All was perfect
5 stars
NA, India
11th Jun 2019
All Excellent from Booking process to Tour End
5 stars
TP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
10th Apr 2019
Great visit- everything was exactly as informed by Tickitaly and would highly recommend.
5 stars
SteveP, United States
1st Apr 2019
The tickitaly ticket for the Pisa Tower worked out perfect for me, I took the train there toured the tower then went back to the train station.
5 stars
RJ, United States
1st Mar 2019
The voucher to climb the tower was honored with no difficulty and my party did the climb. The current procedures seemed to work fine for us.
5 stars
SC, United States
7th Sep 2018
We loved our time in Pisa and the tower was incredible!
5 stars
JR, United States
4th Aug 2018
5 stars
RS, Australia
23rd Jul 2018
Fantastic experience
5 stars
JE, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
26th Jun 2018
Wonderful, instructions included with ticket made the whole process very easy.
5 stars
AK, United States
11th Jun 2018
No complaints. The information they sent us after we booked the tickets gave us everything we needed, including maps of the area around the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
5 stars
YM, United States
7th Jun 2018
Everything was as expected and I had a great time! These tickets were very affordable which was also a plus.
5 stars
JS, United States
6th May 2018
Very nice. Entry to the tower was very organized. Leaving bags in the lockers was not well organized. Small tight area with no clear direction for drop off and pick up

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