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Visitor and background information for the Baia Archaelogical Park.

This is tickitaly.com's information page for the Baia Archaelogical Park, one of the many attractions covered by the Pompeii and Vesuvius area pass (booking link).

Opening hours:

The site is open six days a week (closed on Monday) from 9 o clock in the morning until one hour before sunset. The last entry will be at two hours before sunset.

Your Pompeii pass allows full entrance to all of the Baia Archaelogical Park and counts as a single entrance, just one of the 12 places covered by your pass.

Some history:

The Archaeological Park of Baia (Parco Archeologico di Baia) is a large complex of ruins stretching over three terraces overlooking the bay and the ancient naval port of Misenum. These important archeological remains include thermal rooms and pools (the Thermae of Baia), a theatre, monumental tombs, arched hallways, domed halls, temples and shrines, while the ruins of a large residence are thought to be the summer palace of emperors from Augustus to as late as Septimius Severus in the 3rd century AD.

You can see the remains of beautiful artwork depicting swans and dolphins in the thermal rooms, elaborate floor mosaics and the so-called Temple of Mercury boasting the oldest example of a large dome (c.40 BC) which even predates the cupola of the Pantheon in Rome.

Much less visited than the remains at Pompei and Herculaneum and therefore easier to peruse at leisure, the park offers a unique glimpse of ancient Rome.

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