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5 stars
SY, Mexico
22nd Jul 2019
I really like the experience with Tickitaly, I enjoyed the tour so much!!
5 stars
LH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Jul 2019
The last supper literally blew us away! I am so glad we made the effort to go and see it because it is something everyone should be blessed and fortunate enough to see at least once in one's lifetime. Deborah our guide was really lovely. We found her to be extremely knowledgable, engaging and interesting. We would highly recommend Tickitaly for guided tours!
5 stars
OS, United States
10th Jul 2019
Davide was great-knowledgeable and passionate about The Last Supper.
5 stars
IC, Cayman Islands
9th Jul 2019
Stephania (I hope I spelt her name right) was a very knowledgeable guide and approachable. She took good care of the group.
5 stars
EM, United States
2nd Jul 2019
Laura was a true pro, very knowledgeable. Highly recommended
5 stars
IP, Denmark
2nd Jul 2019
The guide was super good
5 stars
PG, United States
24th Jun 2019
Linda, our guide was wonderful, she is very knowledgeable and gave us very good narrative of each place. she is very friendly. she went out of her way to get tickets for our daughters for Duomo who could not join the tour in the morning.
5 stars
MS, India
23rd Jun 2019
It was very good. The guide David was excellent. It was a very good experience
5 stars
WF, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22nd Jun 2019
Visit was great
5 stars
TG, United States
13th Jun 2019
Tour was fantastic and our guide was excellent!
5 stars
JM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Jun 2019
The guide Allessandro was just excellent- coordinated and so knowledgeable
5 stars
KS, United States
5th Jun 2019
The tour guide was very knowledgeable and filled in with good information about Milan and the Italian area.
5 stars
CC, United States
4th Jun 2019
Our guide was superb and very knowledgeable. The Last Supper is amazing but the art museum was spectacular as well
5 stars
EC, United States
3rd Jun 2019
Excellent tour, very well organized, strongly recommended
5 stars
MH, Australia
30th May 2019
Great tour, very good knowledgeable guide.
5 stars
SL, Canada
29th May 2019
We took the 6 hour walking tour (with Last Supper viewing). Our guide Cristina was amazing! She is knowledgable, accommodating and so, so funny. She made sure we all had a great day (even with the 43 degree weather we had). Highly recommend!
5 stars
OP, Switzerland
26th May 2019
I was fairly skeptical of booking a tour, having heard numerous stories of inexperienced tour guides, speaking with a heavy accent or faulty hardware which made it complicated to follow. Due to the length of our stay, I wanted to give it a try nevertheless. It turned out to be a great decision, as our 5h tour was incredible! The guide had 13 years experience, knew the town inside-out, had tons of anecdotes, historical references, etc. If you have only a few hours to explore Milano, I would highly recommend booking this tour. Best regards, Oliver
5 stars
NA, Greece
19th May 2019
The guide was perfect. She told us a lot of things about the painting, she loves her job. I suggest 100% this guided tour.
5 stars
KC, United States
17th May 2019
My tour guide was incredible with pointing out the history of the city, important landmarks as we walked from The Last Supper painting to the Duomo. I learned lots. I would recommend offering a tour, either additional or a longer tour that includes a tour of the Duomo for the history inside of the church.
5 stars
SH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th May 2019
Great guide. Informative, interesting and a good sense of humour too!

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