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Customer reviews for: Castel Sant'Angelo tickets (includes e-book guide)

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4.5 out of 5 stars from 29 customers. 7 of them wrote reviews:

5 stars
FM, United States
16th Apr 2017
We had a memorable visit and enjoyed the Castel very much
5 stars
MH, United States
20th Jun 2016
Great as it was not over flowing with tourist. The heat made it unbearable outside but the castle was cool. Great place to visit without the crowds. So much to see.
5 stars
ET, United States
7th Oct 2015
We walked ahead of everyone else in line and didn't have to wait at all. It was amazing.
5 stars
SC, Hong Kong
11th Jun 2015
Fine and nice
5 stars
AS, Russian Federation
4th Jun 2015
Наличие ваучера и проход вне очереди позволяет существенно экономить время, что особенно приятно в жаркую погоду. Have voucher and skip the line can significantly save time, which is especially nice in the hot weather .
4 stars
JF, Canada
24th Jul 2016
Provide maps to show entrance locations and meeting points, directions etc. More info about what you are visiting and what to expect.
4 stars
CV, United States
12th Jun 2015
We enjoyed the castle but not as much as the other tours we scheduled as this didn't have a guide with it. You really do learn so much more when a guide is present.

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