the cathedral.

Guided tours of the cathedral and its rooftops.

Dominating Milan's central square is the magnificent Gothic Duomo (cathedral), the largest church in Italy.

We offer various guided tours of the cathedral and the amazing open rooftops.
“The guide was knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. She respected the privacy of patrons which I believe is important since it is their church. What cool info about the roof construction and endless repairs. Excellent tour with Must See views!”
RG, United States
“Highly Recommended! Awesome view from the top! One of the highlights of our Milan vist (the other one is the Last Supper also booked with tickitaly). Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and has a very pleasant personality which made the visit even more awesome!”
CA, Philippines

Customer reviews for: Milan Cathedral rooftops with interior (2 hours)

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4.6 out of 5 stars from 20 customers. 14 of them wrote reviews:

5 stars
MR, United States
18th Aug 2018
Excellent tour and tour guide. Beautiful rooftop tour!!
5 stars
TH, Canada
2nd May 2018
Absolutely excellent. The tour guide was incredible. Knowledgable, helpful with suggestions to enjoy Milan, and managed a difficult group within the tour like a true professional. Highly recommend her.
5 stars
RG, United States
12th Mar 2018
The guide was knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. She respected the privacy of patrons which I believe is important since it is their church. What cool info about the roof construction and endless repairs. Excellent tour with Must See views!
5 stars
KL Chiu. China
20th Jul 2017
we enjoy the trip and will recommend friends
5 stars
FP, Brazil
12th Jun 2017
Easily with an excelent and passionfull guideman
5 stars
DH, United States
26th Aug 2016
This was worth every penny. The views were spectacular and the elevator access made it doable for us. Had a great time.
5 stars
AL, Australia
8th May 2016
Our tour guide (Laura?) was very knowledgeable about the history of the Duomo and the religious artifacts and interesting facts of the building and occupants. Well worth the money to have someone explain these.
5 stars
NEWTON, Bahrain
6th May 2016
5 stars
EO, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Jul 2015
Easy to find the guide, she was standing directly infront of the Cathedral, the tour started with the exterior of the cathedral and was very informative, the tour of the interior was very interesting and the light coming through the stained glass windows was beautiful on the pillars inside, I had already had a tour of the interior but this guide didn't repeat anything from my previous tour, just shows how much there is of interest inside. We exited the cathedral to walk around the side to the entrance for the rooftop. I was dreading it as it was very hot that day and I thought the rooftop would be unbearable but actually it was fine, there was plent of shade up there, the rooftops are wonderful, everywhere you look there is beauty, the guide was very good she kept us all entertained and was full of interesting facts. It is definitely a must-do if you visit Milan and I would not hesitate on recommending this company for the tour.
5 stars
AC, United States
12th Feb 2015
interior tour was supposed to be group, but nobody else signed up so it was a personal tour... tour guide was VERY knowledgable about all aspects of the Cathedral
4 stars
AG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15th Jun 2016
Our guide was brilliant - knowledgeable, engaging, funny. We enjoyed his company immensely. Didn't think adding the two tours worked, though. There was the wait in between, then the re piton of much of what had already been said. That bit was disappointing. And you need to update your joining instructions - one of the places you said the mysterious no 4 was next to is now somewhere different - and as the agent was somewhat discreet about holding up the sign, we didn't see her for a while.
4 stars
PP, United States
1st Apr 2015
It was a good tour with many facts about the Duomo, the best part was, of course, the roof top walk. Great views from multiple locations on the roof. Our guide was knowledgeable but a bit eccentric.
PK, Switzerland
2nd Jun 2016
Excellent visit, knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humour.
GD, Brazil
18th Aug 2015
The visit was excellent and well organized despite the crowded place. Rating: 5

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