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Customer reviews for: Florence Cathedral Complex and Museum Tour including ascent of the Cupola: 2 and a half hours

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4.7 out of 5 stars from 29 customers. 25 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
MK, United States
20th Feb 2023
This was an amazing tour. Led by Camilla, she was extremely knowledgeable. This ended up being a private tour so the four of us got a personalized tour with in-depth insights shared by our guide. Do note that the tour takes you to the Bapistery, Museum and the Cathedral. Our tour started around 9:15 and finished around noon so we ended getting a bit of extra time. The ascent to the Cupola is on your own and we had entrance tickets for 12:30p.m. So overall, the activity is 4+ hours, so keep that in mind.
5 stars
JD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17th Mar 2019
A great tour and tour guide. So knowledgable, clear, concise, patient and a local too!!
5 stars
GF, United States
2nd Feb 2019
Our tour guide was at the meeting point on time. He had our tickets to visit different parts of the complex and he reserved the time to climb the dome shortly after the end of our tour (the tour started at 9 am and the time to climb was 12:30). Our group was very small (5 people), so it was very easy to interact with our guide. We visited all the buildings. Our tour guide definitely loved Florence, and he explained the history of each of the buildings and pointed the most important works of art. It was a comprehensible tour at our pace - exactly the type of tour I like! Thank you very much for the wonderful experience!
5 stars
JK, Lebanon
6th Jul 2018
After being late my friend and I, we gained tge site ASAP amd the guide and coordinator welcomed us with pleasure and we continued the tour with the group as planned and they gave us directions to continue tge tour on our own. We were very surprised by their reaction especially that we were late. They were very professional and with great hospitality
5 stars
CL, United States
2nd Jun 2018
Great guide. Easy to find. Would have missed so much if we had not had the guided tour of the baptistery.
5 stars
MR Michael Rodic, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2nd Jun 2018
Federica, the tour guide made this so enjoyable. The tour of the baptistry and external tour of the Duomo was very good but the museum tour surpassed even that.
5 stars
NS, United States
16th Jan 2018
The guide tour, she is phenomenon, we learned a lot history from her. We are definitely do again and book more tours in our next visit to Italy!
5 stars
MS, United States
25th Sep 2017
Guide was very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. Made a group tour seem more like a private tour.
5 stars
LS, Portugal
3rd Sep 2017
Very interesting tour. Very good guide. All ok
5 stars
JM, Australia
30th Apr 2017
A wonderful tour, conducted by a knowledgable and passionate advocate for the history of Florence and its precious churches, museums and art.
5 stars
LH, United States
12th Apr 2017
Our guide was very knowledgeable. While in the cathedral, don’t forget to take the stairs to the underground area (not part of the guided tour). I found it fascinating to see what has been uncovered.
5 stars
SO, United States
11th Sep 2016
Tour guide was well-versed, easy to understand and suited tour to our pace. Lucky to have only a total of 6 people. She clearly explained how and when to access the Giotto Bell Tower. Can't think how it could have been improved. Thanks!
5 stars
CH, Australia
24th Aug 2016
This tour was one of the best I have ever been on.A small group and the young man taking the tour was very knowledgeable and outstanding in his presentation of the history of the cathedral.
5 stars
JN, United States
3rd May 2016
Our tour guide was phenomenal. She gave a very in depth and interesting tour with a lot of valuable insight that helped us enjoy our entire visit to Florence, not just the cathedral complex. We really enjoyed the small group tour, with just 4 people total include my husband and I. Overall, I will highly recommend this tour to friends and family. Please commend the tour guide, she was truly excellent. There was also a local representative who met us at the meeting point and was very friendly, warm and helped suggest nice places to eat during our visit.
5 stars
AG, India
27th Sep 2015
Knowledgeable guide and interesting tour
5 stars
FR, Australia
5th Jul 2014
We had a most pleasant afternoon visiting the Baptistery and the Duomo. Our guide (Maurizio) was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and provided very detailed explanations, as well as answering our questions in detail. It was a very worthwhile experience.
4 stars
LD, Australia
14th Dec 2018
Another excellent tour which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our guide was informative and interesting, bringing the whole experience to life. Climbing the dome was fantastic.
4 stars
SM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
30th Apr 2017
Very knowledgable guide. I just wasn't fit enough to do the duomo tower.
4 stars
Andy, Texas, USA
27th Apr 2014
Meeting place was TERRIBLE;very difficult to find. The name of the bakery is frequently covered up by delivery trucks and when the name is covered by the umbrellas. It would be much better to arrange the meeting place for the column with the cross on top, that is located just next to the smallest building of the Duomo complex. The tour was a little too long and boring, but overall it was very good, and I would recommend to friends.
[Tickitaly responds: Thank you for your comments on the meeting place - we've tried to make that clearer.]
3 stars
WD, Australia
21st Feb 2018
The tour could have been completed in less time. While it was very interesting, the pace was incredibly slow. The guide was however, very knowledgeable.

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