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Vatican and St Peters private tour, Monday 17th March 2014

I would like to give you feedback on the above which our party of 8 enjoyed immensely.

Everything was perfect, meeting, entry (lovely to pass those queues), technology, venue (of course), etc.

But the best thing about the whole morning was your guide Deborah. She is charming, friendly, erudite, and a real credit to you. We listened to her intently throughout, she held our attention, surprised us, interacted with us, answered all our questions, and made the morning very special. We would have missed so much without her. We all think we would like to meet her again and when we come back to Rome we would hope to do so.

Many thanks

Graham F. (UK)

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Guided wine tastings in Florence, Pisa and Milan.

Italian wine tasting

Wind down gradually and pleasantly at the end of a packed day's sightseeing and enjoy an introduction to some fine Italian wine, accompanied by some carefully chosen local produce (cheeses or hams from the region, that sort of thing).

Such tastings are currently available in Florence, Milan, and Pisa; they are held in city-centre wine bars, all start at 5.00 PM (except Milan, 6.00 PM) and run from 60 to 90 minutes. You'll be given insights both into the art of tasting wine as well as the histories of the wines you'll be sampling, and everything is geared towards being fun as well as informative.

Book a wine tasting in Milan, Florence and Pisa

Book a tasting in: Florence, Milan, Pisa

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