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Tickitaly.com is a product of Renting In Italy Srl., a Registered Limited Company, registered at the Florence Chamber of Commerce with number P.IVA 05144650487. The company is headed by Dr. Cristiano Castellani.

The company has lodged funds with, and been granted a licence by all significant official State agencies for Italian national museums and galleries. We work as a major client of the Vatican as well as the bodies representing the Colosseum, the Last Supper in Milan, Trenitalia (the Italian State railway operator), the Doge's Palace in Venice and so on and so on.
Additionally, Tickitaly are licensed advance reservation agents the Verona Opera Festival, as recognised and authorised by the Arena di Verona Fondazione.

The original idea behind a ticket service was simply to be able to offer it as an additional benefit to clients who were renting property through the agency. It soon became apparent, however, that there was ample scope to both effectively publicise and simplify the current booking systems available. Hence tickitaly.com. Many, many years later there is hardly a large tourist attraction in Italy that we do not arrange tours and tickets on behalf of, and we are proud to sell over 140,000 tickets every year. At time of writing we have over 2500 - overwhelmingly positive - reviews from our customers.

You may read news on our blog and on our Facebook page.

We are based in Empoli, a short distance from Florence, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.

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