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Assorted tickets & tours, May 2015

Easy. I was so grateful we bought tickets ahead of time and avoided all the lines (in the hot sun).

We walked right in to all venues (some of which, like the Borghese Gallery, were sold out for days) with no problem.

Thank you!

Silke M. (Germany)

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Rome - Roman Colosseum - reserve a tour online

Guided tours of the Colosseum - click a date and we'll show you what's available.

Tours may be 'just' the Colosseum, they make take in other aspects of Ancient Rome, they may be smallish, semi-private tours or larger group ones - whatever, they're all fully inclusive 'skip-the-queue' tours.

It may well be that you're after straightforward Colosseum tickets - click here for those. If you're looking for a Colosseum tour that includes the dungeons and upper levels, click here.

Colosseum tours
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Alongside you'll see at a glance how our collected Colosseum tours have been rated, with a link through to user-submitted reviews.

Reviews that apply to specific tickets or tours will be shown inside the details page for those products, again with star ratings and links through to fuller reviews.

We'll email you a few weeks after your visits to see how you felt about the site and our products - please take the opportunity to let us know your thoughts!

Colosseum guided tour (includes discount coupon)

This is a guided tour that includes the entrance fee for the Colosseum (plus the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Palatine Museum) as well as the cost of the tour guide. You'll be part of a large official group tour, meeting inside the Colosseum itself. The Colosseum is open every day of the year, excluding Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
Every full price ticket includes a €1 gift certificate which you can redeem against future purchases from

Tours (in English and Spanish) last approximately 30 to 40 minutes; all visits are tied to a specific time. If you absolutely have to visit at a certain time then please specify that in the 'notes' section during checkout and we shall see what we can do. Tours are available at the following times:

English tour: 09.45 AM, 10.15 AM, 10.45 AM, 11.15 AM, 11.45 AM, 12.30 PM, 01.45 PM, 03.00 PM, 03.30 PM, 04.15 PM, 05.15 PM.

Spanish tour: 10.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 12.45 PM, 02.45 PM, 04.00 PM, 05.00 PM.

(Please note - this is not a tour of the dungeons and upper levels - click here for those.)

The opening hours are (roughly) as shown below. Please note that the ticket office will close one hour before the Colosseum itself closes.

  • Last Sunday of March to end August, 07.15 PM
  • September, 07.00 PM
  • October 1st to last saturday of October, 06.30 PM
  • Last Sunday of October to February 15th, 04.30 PM
  • February 16th to March 15th, 05.00 PM
  • March 16th to last Saturday of March, 05.30 PM

Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour, 3 hours

A longer tour that of course covers the Colosseum in depth, but then goes on to take in the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill area, the Via Sacra and the Arch of Titus, the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Domitian Palace. This is an official three hour tour - you'll be led by an expert in ancient Roman history and the group size will never be more than 15 people. Meeting point is just outside the Colosseum.

Spend three hours reliving the wonders of Ancient Rome with an in depth exploration of the Colosseum and surrounding area. The price includes entrance tickets (all skip-the-queue) as well as headsets where necessary.

The tour begins, unsurprisingly, at the Colosseum and an explanation of its construction and its past life. Once inside you'll be learning about the often gory goings on and the hard lives of the the gladiators. From one of the interior levels you'll have the Arch of Constantine and other surrounding monuments pointed out to you.

Next it's on the the nearby Forum, home to some of Rome's most noted monuments including the Curia (focus of the Roman Senate), Julius Caesar's funeral altar, the House and Temple of the Vestal Virgins and the Arch of Titus. From here it's a short way to the Palatine Hill; Romulus founded the city of Rome here and it went on to become the favoured position for the Imperial residences - remains of the impressive Domitian Palace are still visible here.

The final view of the tour is across and over the legendary Circus Maximus, once home to fiercely contested chariot races. These are very popular and well reviewed tours that will give you an insightful introduction to the splendours and way of life of ancient Rome.

[Additional Colosseum links]: Visitor information, Colosseum location map, Google map


To reserve tickets for a Colosseum guided tour, just fill out the booking form, give us a preference for date and time (dates are in European DD/MM/YYYY format), supply us with credit card details, and we'll do the rest. There will be no charge whatsoever until we confirm your reservation. We'll then point you to our secure page, where you can print out your entry voucher. Print it out, take it with you to the Colosseum and present it at either the ticket desk or to the guide ... they will swap it for your entry ticket. Full instructions will be on your voucher. As simple as that!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRINT YOUR VOUCHER (unless otherwise specified on the voucher)

You won't have to join any long queues (there is a special pick-up desk for internet tickets - see our blog post, with photographs, here), but nonetheless we'd advise you to arrive 30 minutes before your entry time (60 minutes at weekends). If your tour involves meeting your guide outside the colosseum these times can be reduced.

PLEASE NOTE: You must present yourself at the time specified on your booking voucher - admittance will not be granted at other times.

Please also be prepared to show some ID - It is sometimes difficult for Italian officials to understand that not all countries require their citizens to carry ID cards, if indeed they are issued in said countries at all. You will often find that nothing other than a Passport or Driving Licence (with photograph) will suffice.

POSSIBLE DELAYS DUE TO SECURITY MEASURES: Heightened security coupled with the recent decision to impose a ceiling on the number of visitors allowed to enter the Colosseum at a given time mean that it is possible, even with a 'no queues' ticket, that you will face delays.

It is now also compulsory to pass through a metal detector - local authorities are aware of the queues these extra measures are causing and are working to speed things up as soon as possible.

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