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Book Segway tours in Rome, Milan, Florence and Pisa

Segway tours: Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa

Guided tours of Rome, Florence, Pisa and Milan with a difference - on a Segway!

Segway tour

Glide majestically through the cities of Italy (once you've had your 'so, how do I use this thing?' lesson) on your very own modern-day chariot - the Segway.

The tours last, on average, three hours, and you'll be given ample instruction on how to use the Segway (note the Italian inspired name, from segue, to follow) before heading off to turn some heads. These are very special tours and are limited to a maximum of eight people in each group; you'll be accompanied by a Segway-riding tour guide who'll delight you with a professional and accomplished introduction to the sights you'll be visiting - you'll be listening via a set of headphones. All guides are professionals (graduates in Art, History and Languages) and will delight you with personal insights and boundless local knowledge. For the Florence and Rome tours you may choose not to be shown around by one of our guides, instead listening in to a pre-recorded narrative - you will nonetheless still be accompanied by one of our staff.

Tours are typically run every day of the week, with one morning tour and one afternoon tour. Clearly the chance to scoot around on a Segway for a few hours would be fun anywhere, but to be able to see so much of Italy's splendid cities in such a relatively short time is a real bonus; no matter how many gelato and prosecco breaks you take, it can get tiring traipsing the streets in high summer ... why not let the Segway take the strain, leaving you free to take in the sights and sounds of Italy?

Important information

Pretty much anyone over the age of 12 will be quite at home with the Segway; we wouldn't recommend using one if you're under 100 pounds (45 kilos) or over 250 pounds (113 kilos), nor if you're in the first two months of your pregnancy. In terms of fitness and agility - if you're able to go up and down stairs without assistance then you'll be fine.

What's included?

The Segway rental, a 30 minute orientation session, a professional tour guide or an audio guide, headphones, a member of staff escort and rain-capes should they be needed. The tour is an 'outdoors' one in that we don't go inside any buildings, churches, museums and so on - you will doubtlessly want to return to some places visited once you've completed the tour.

What does it cost?

We haven't put costs on this page as they vary slightly according to city and type of tour, but you'll see full cost details on the respective pages ... simply click on the links below to begin booking your Segway tour - you'll also be able to see the route/itinerary for each of the cities covered:

Book Segway tours in Rome, Milan, Florence and Pisa

Segway tours: Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa

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